Wednesday Win-Day Episode IV

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Bohan: A long time ago in a town far, far away, there was a huge storm with blasting winds, trees crashing down, and tumultuous chaos. In all the excitement, Geoff’s power went out. The authorities said it would be out for the next two or three days, so Geoff decided to come down to the Bay to hang out and help me with my new house.

Pitts: Yea it was crazy! At Joe’s brilliant recommendation, I slept with my helmet on just in case a tree fell on my house. I woke up the next day and my street was blocked off with tape that said “DANGER! LIFE HAZARD” so decided to rock down to the Bay! And every time I come down, I make it a point to get everyone together for a night out! THIS IS ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS!

Bohan: Geoff called up Joe, Kia, Terence, Beard Luke, and Erika and started making plans. I had stuff to deliver to Southtown Arcade and Bob’s Donuts so those spots were on the agenda for sure. Before crossing the bridge into San Francisco though, we thought it would be a good idea to eat at Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe in Emeryville. If you’ve never eaten there, GO THERE RIGHT NOW. They have a Guinness milkshake called the Shaken Jessie. Highly recommended.

Pitts: Terence couldn’t make it because he had a speech to give the next morning.  I had called Luke Crowell, the beardy starter guy from Formula DRIFT, but he couldn’t make it either.  Erika has a history of not doing stuff with us, but fortunately this time she came out.

Bohan: After we finished off our delicious meal, Geoff’s camera came out. He’s borrowing Joe’s 20mm F/2.8 and it was on the camera when I took it out of the bag and started taking cool pictures of all the empty glasses. At one point Geoff thought I was doing one with the bottle in focus and Joe and himself lost in the background blur, so he made a circle with his arms and declared, “I’m a BOKEH!” He was wrong.

Pitts: Drew caught me while I was thinking about kissing pretty girls, and I think Joe was thinking about kissing ME just tired…is my shoulder soft, Joe?
Ayala: Let’s just say it’s softer than Shreeve’s.
Bohan: Shreeve must have hella hard shoulders.
Ayala: 😐

Bohan: When I went to the bathroom, I was blown away by all the awesome stickers on the door. I quicky ran back to the table to see what we had on-hand to add to the collection. Luckily Geoff had a bunch of Life Blasters and ThunderDrift stickers in his camera bag, and Joe had thousands of Motor Mavens stickers and a few Tandem of Die stickers. The door is much better looking now, wouldn’t you say?

Pitts: I’d say so! Anyway, stick around for Episode V of Wednesday Win-Day, coming soon to an Internet near you!

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