Formura Drift Atranta

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I’ve been looking forward to Formula Drift Atlanta for a long time now. Of all the stops FD takes, I think Atlanta is my favorite. The track, people, scenery is just amazing. Before I headed out, I rented a few tilt shift lenses to use while out there. I was really excited to try them out, so Justin and I got to using them in the airport.

These lenses are SO COOL! To be able to have complete control of where the depth of field is hitting, and the degree of sharpness and contrast the focus point creates is just amazing.

From far away and above point of view, It gives a scale model sort of look. I took this while on the plane about to take off.

And at 30,000 feet, the mountains way below looked like a small snowy patch! this was just on the eastern border of California, probably not too far from the Mammoth Mountains.

While waiting in the airport, we took the escalator up and shot the people below.

If you haven’t had a chance to use or rent this lens, I suggest you do. The results are very rewarding!

We headed out to the track at the crack of noon the next day. Road Atlanta is a track where renting a golf kart is an absolute must. It could seriously take maybe half an hour to get from one side of the track to the other.

You guys remember Yoshi? Yoshi remembers you.

Larry’s lens never looked so cute

While the drivers practiced, I thought I’d take a few photos with the tilt-shift lens. Being able to direct the focus point exactly where I wanted, I was able to put it vertically on top of Chris’ rear wheel, so we can see the definition of the smoke peeling off the fender. I don’t know, I thought it was cool.

For all you unbelievers out there, Yoshi WAS at Atlanta!

I think my favorite photo of the trip was of Lieze Truter here. Trying to focus on the dude on the bike back there, the ol’ 5D thought that Lieze was a better subject and decided to focus on her instead. For once, 5D, you made a good choice.

But who can really complain about walking all the way around the track, when the track is Road Atlanta? Okay, it gets kinda old by Saturday the end of Thursday -Bohan.

By the end of the day, it gets so tiring, we don’t really care where we lay down, just as long as we get off our feet.

Justin looked so helpless laying on the ground, Bohan and I had to tag team photo-f**k him. Problem is, if your’e laying in the middle of the road, you might get hit by a car. Nice one Bohan!


More ATL shenanigans to be posted soon.

:: Ayala

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