Jameson Files #3: Portland Under Fire

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The road to Portland.  One of our longest stints, since the Redding show was unfortunately canceled.  On the way we decided to stop and grab a snap of the band with Mt Shasta in the background.  This is surely the most brutal group of dudes this freeway offramp has ever seen.

I had the rare opportunity to capture Jameson in a natural environment, so I took it!  I think Dan smells something, possibly prey.


Here’s Jay (Left: Low Frequency Love Machine Operator) and Art (Right: Tour Manager/Indentured Servant) throwing the ol’ pigskin.  “How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?  yep… coach would’ve put me in 4th quarter, we’d be state champions, no doubt” – Art


Now is a great time to explain Art’s deal.  As the tour manager, he was the butt of most jokes and pranks, which thankfully took the focus off of me for the most part.  Like a true road dog, he took it in stride and kept a straight face for the love of the band, the tour, and the fat checks they write him.  Throughout the tour, we gave Art a new hilarious name every day.  At this point he had already been Clark, and Gandalf,  Today, he was “TJ the Road Dog.”


On to the venue!  We arrived at the Tonic Lounge and unloaded the gear, then watched Chris and his band Kingdom Under Fire rock the house.  Chris is a friend of the band’s from their last tour, and was nice enough to let all 7 of us crash in his basement.


The guitarist from KuF was really on it!  His shredding was ultra-proficient, and reminded me of the late Dimebag Darrel.  Props!


For an old guy, Chris has still got it!  “It’s guys like Chris and KuF that keep the metal scene going.  If it wasn’t for grassroots efforts like this, us touring bands would have nobody to play with!” – Matt Bomb


“There’s that damn photo guy again!  Get that camera the f*** out of my face!!!!” – Matt Bomb


“Is it time to play yet?” – Dan


Our tour-buddies Maleva were up next.  Here’s Jared and Keanu laying it down.


Left:  Chad beats the skins so fast my camera can’t keep up!

Right:  Ben is a world class shredder.  I couldn’t play half the stuff he does, much less point and go “yeah I just DID that” mid-shred!  Good lord, Ben!  What a showoff!


Don’t get me wrong, all the guys in Jameson have some amazing hair, but there’s something about Ben’s that makes my camera get all excited.  You’ll see more of my obsession with Ben’s hair in later stories… this is just a taste.


Towards the end of Jameson’s set, this girl got up on stage and started dancing!  At first we all though “wtf?” but hey, crowd support is crowd support.  Get it girl!


Wouldn’t you know?  She and her friend were totally down to let me take LB-boob-stick pics in the bathroom of the porno shop across the street from the venue!  TJ the Road Dog came with me to help with the interview.  Thanks for the help with that butch porno store worker, TJ!  Win!  I went cops-style on their faces so their moms wouldn’t get upset.  You’re welcome, girls 😉


Did I mention we were in the bathroom of a porno shop?  Lol.


Even later partying at Chris’ house, she just couldn’t keep her shirt on.  Fortunately for me and Road Dog TJ, the guys in Jameson were MIA drinking with Chris, so we handled the business.  You can just see the excitement on RDTJ’s face.


Art felt like he had to join in the boob-showing contest, and as a dedicated journalist, I shot that too.


Then RDTJ balanced a beer on her ass.  This shot is from try #2… He spilled the first time.  Oops!


We stopped to grab this picture with Chris and Jenny before we hit the road the following morning.  It’s so nice to have good friends when you’re out on tour.  Instead of sleeping in the van, we all got fed, showered, and even had a chance to do some laundry.  I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we cannot thank Chris enough for letting us stay with him.  True friend, and kick-ass musician!  Rock on, Chris!


Back to the road we go!  Next stop, Everett Washington!  Check out #4, coming up Monday at 12:00PM!









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8 thoughts on “Jameson Files #3: Portland Under Fire

  1. your photographer is a wizard of boob shots as i heard one of you or your roadies say and i think he should be sewn a fancy hat to proclaim such truths!!!! i hope you dudes got just as many crazy shots at the boise show cuz i for one saw more than enough girls willing to do anything for you dudes and maybe ill know some of those sluts hahahahaha!!!! hopefully you’ll see me in the crowd shots! fyi i bought both albums on itunes even after i bought the shirt and cd you signed for me at the knit!!!! you dudes had a crazy line for autographs so im not sure if u remember me but i was the dude with the long hair red beanie and born of osiris hoodie in the pit the whole time!!! JAMESON ftw!!!!! these dudes are incredible live!!! new fav band dont go soft on me now guys!!!!!!

    • Rich, I appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately we didn’t get any boob shots in Boise because 99% of the girls were underage!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 Thanks for the support though, we’ll be sure the band guys see this!!

  2. I skimmed through all these posts looking for the infamous boob shots and was more than pleased with the result. haha Awesome work, Geoff with a J.

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