Oregon Longhorns

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I’m not familiar with the entire story of how this came to be, but apparently, somewhere along the way, someone decided to bring Texas Longhorns into the state of Oregon for breeding and selling. Why anyone would want to do that, I’m not sure, but after seeing a field full of these awkwardly beautiful creatures only a few miles from my Dad’s house, Joe and I couldn’t help but stop for an impromptu shoot.



We were on our way out to my Uncle Brian’s house to shoot a regional RC racing series titled OSS (Oregon State Series), which was being held on my uncle’s land outside of Medford, Oregon. When these cows first spotted us, they were less than enthused.



But, after the offer of fresh green grass, the noisiest of the bunch sounded the horn, alerting the entire herd to our presence.



Once they came running over, I’ll admit I was a bit frightened. Those horns are no joke.



Upon arrival, it became clear that these gentle creatures merely wanted a treat and were fully aware of the fact that the grass truly is greener on the other side.



The longhorns’ determination was well rewarded as we handed them handful after handful of delicious grass.



However, some were more skeptical than others and gave us the hairy eyeball.



One even alluded to Dramatic Gopher with this legendary expression.



After awhile though, they all came around and in less than an hour, we had fed over FOUR HUNDRED CATTLE!



And Joe became intimate with one. The end.


– Shreeve

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