Reflecting on 2010 – Alternative Style

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This interesting effect is caused by processing 35mm 50ISO slide film with the regular C-41 chemicals. Super cool right? Death Valley looks cool no matter how you look at it.

My photog idol Larry Chen on 25ISO black/white film

Chris Forsberg looking stoically into the Vegas sunset

Cross Process again. Wouldn’t it suck to be that guy?

This is a Brenizer Stitch shot, which basically means its a bunch of pictures stitched together via software. The effect is cool because it simulates a medium/large format camera even when you’re using a crop sensor DSLR like I am. The program I use to stitch messed this one up a bit, but I thought it still looked interesting.

I’ve always enjoyed alternative photography styles, and with my film cameras I can really stretch my imagination. If you ever get a chance to, I highly suggest you try it!


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