RC Racing in Southern Oregon Pt. 2

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Picking up where we left off, RC cars Racing and Tandem of Die documenting. It was pretty hard shooting them as they jump towards you. They all took different lines over the jump, different speeds, so I never know when or where they would be, and when I did get an auto focus lock on them, my 5D would scream “NOPE!” and focus on a pile of sh*t behind them and then hollar out *HERE IT IS!!!*



I ended up flipping it to manual focus and selecting a spot where I wanted to shoot and hope that I got it. It worked really well. Lots of 90 degree entries were being thrown that day. I love the this one is twirling the dirt up like that.



Coming into this corner with a lot of speed, the well tuned suspension is displayed as the G’s are pressing the chassis against the ground.



As rugged as these cars are, they do flip a lot, but what vehicle wouldn’t flip jumping over obstacles nearly 10 times their size? Here in the back we see on of the course officials resetting the cars.



These events bring in competitors of all ages.



And they were even able to keep pace with the older and more experienced drivers.




Lots of speed was necessary to be able to make this jump that spread for maybe 20 feet. Every once and a while a car would come in a little slow and slam into the landing.



Seeing as how the track was set up, out in the woods, and we had just seen a bunch of longhorns earlier, we weren’t surprised to see a pair of horses fenced up about 5 feet from the track.



But they didn’t seem too interested in the shenanigans that were going on.



We took a break and walked around to see what else there was for us to shoot. I noticed a lone wasp fly up into tire, but I wanted a closer shot. We sent our friend and official Tandem of Die team mechanic Scotty Bigelow to knock on his door and see if he’d answer. After a few knocks, Scotty ended up kicking it over and pissed the little guy off. We pissed our pants and ran away.



To add insult to injury, this punk-ass retriever saw the event and began sticking his tongue out at us.



I never caught this kid’s name, but he seemed to be having fun riding down the hill. He was a little hesitant at first,



But his buddies were able to coax him into going. I love how peer pressure works.



He ended up loving it! The expression on his face while he was jamming down the hill was absolutely priceless!



And the expression on Shane’s “Joe Face” was on point for irony as he was sporting the KDF shirt.



But he quickly snapped out of it and decided to do a flying squirrel off one of the jumps on the RC Track.


:: Ayala


PS : Tandem of Die

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