Yosh Blasting

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Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m ‘Sa(pronounced Shea), better known as KID YOSH. I’m one of the Las Vegas photographers having their gear cooked in the summer heat currently. Now that you know who I am…DRIFTING!!!!!!

This track was pretty technical with the drivers being required to circle the media pit (LOVED IT!!) so some drivers were coming in to the loop full balls to the wall and not holding the line tight enough and that resulted in PASSES!!! That’s right passing at a Pro-Am event. It happened a total of three times during the event.

The pass happened on the other side of the media pit. But yea, that’s Hateley running the Z33 passing the S13.5


Also at the event three different Z33s met their fate at the hands of a k-rail. But this little guy keep going. He kind of looked like a Del-Sol/CRX wide body on the track.


So after a few hours of shooting at eye level I got smart and stood on my handy dandy pelican case. Looking at the tops of peoples heads is WEIRD!


So I look out and here comes Mike Mu-Fuckin Burns! Mike is my one of my fave AZ drivers. I was super stoked that he won the event he deserves it. If When he gets his licence this year he’s def gonna make a impression next season.


I just hope he keeps that dope ass paint job on his roof.

That’s right bitches! Flaked out lace!


So now Podium. If you ever win in Vegas prepare to be soaked by Tommy Suell, and whoever else he talks into helping him.


You’ve been warned.


And hope that Tommy doesn’t run out of water.

Yes, Tommy is pouring Coke on the podium….BAWS!!!!


Oh for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s Taka looking like a boss with his new hair cut.


Check out more photos here



4 thoughts on “Yosh Blasting

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  2. The photo of Taka is intense. It reminds me of the old Japanese yakuza movies. The .GIF is a little odd, but whatever. Hope to see more soon!

    • Yea the GIF is a little odd but I figured it would be the best way to show the pass. But yea when I took the shot of Taka and saw how badass it looked I knew I had to post it.

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