Reflecting on 2010 – People

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The lovely Ms. Chanelle in front of some Nissans or something

NOS Girls at FD Seattle

Here’s artist and general hooligan Mando Hernandez posing in front of his artwork at Driven Authority in Sacramento.

WARNING: This post contains sillyness. Here’s me and AJ fooling around during a late night shoot. btw, there’s only 2 of us.

Left: Scott goofing off in SF | Right: Graeme working on a bike in Nevada City

Performance Options in Oakland, CA. Nobody has any fun here, I swear.

Here’s the homies Joe Ayala and Justin Shreeve from MotorMavens.

Left: Vicious Grooves at the Cardinal in San Jose. | Right: Luke Lonberger, thinking about the night we saw Vicious Grooves

Left: A Snowy Victoria in Nevada City | Right: My Pops at Laguna Seca

Luis & Elysha. Aren’t they cute?

Matt Field pushing his car into tech at FD Seattle

Over the past year Drew and I have had the chance to do some really fun shooting with The Ralph Woodson Experience, a Jimi cover band from the SF Bay area. These next few shots are them.

Here’s professional cut-up, Josh Sher

Andy Gillespie after a brief clam digging expedition

I totally forgot the name of this band… Must’ve been a good night.

Drunk girls at the Apex’i party during FD Seattle. This was a great night, our friend Antonio Alvendia introduced me and Drew to a bunch of our drift-media colleagues.

Of course, I had many opportunities to shoot my Life Blasting cohort, Drew. Here are just a few of them.

That about does it for my look back into 2010. I’m looking forward to what intriguing photo adventures we end up on in 2011!


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