Working on holidays at Lab17

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Happy Holidays from everyone here at LifeBlasters!


You might be spending this three day weekend kicking back and enjoying some BBQ, and time with family & friends, but here at LifeBlasters and Lab17 the work never stops.  Today Drew and I put up drywall in the garage of his newly purchased home in Hayward, and now we’re at the Lab working our butts off before tomorrow’s TD ProAm Round 3.  We’ve made windshield banners, number plates, hard cards, LB stickers to hand out, and even some majorly cool graphics for team Animal Style.  What, us?  Take a break?  Yeah, right!  We go hard!  Cheers, mates!




3 thoughts on “Working on holidays at Lab17

  1. I met one of you guys at a show at Haley’s bar in Everett a few months ago. My friends Mechanism were playing and I was video taping them. I think you were there to photograph the freak show. I don’t remember if your name was Andrew or Geoff, anyway, had a good time talking with you. I gave you a business card for my massage business and you gave me a sticker and told me I could contact you here. I don’t see an email address anywhere on here though. If you like you can send me an email address or if you have a facebook page I can contact you there.

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