This week in 35mm film

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This post contains the results of me shooting a roll of my favorite film, cheap-ass Fuji 800, and a roll of expired Kodak Gold 400 over the past week.  Saturday night Drew and I got a call from our friend Chloe who had just aced an important test for her major.  She wanted us to meet her at a spot really far from Hayward for drinks.  “They have a polar bear!” she said.  I was down, so off we went to the remote fishing village of Port Costa to a spot called The Warehouse.



Chloe brought her friends Max and Jon from Fatlace, and Max’s girlfriend Nai along with her to celebrate.  On our way inside Chloe explained, “It’s called The Warehouse because it used to be a warehouse!”



The bathroom at The Warehouse smelled more like piss than piss does.  It was truly awful, but I really had to go.



Good friends, witty banter, and drinks served in mason jars.  What more could you ask for?



The bar had a cool feeling to it on the inside.  Lots of stuff on the walls like at TGI Friday’s, but in a spot like this you just knew they had to be legit items, not some crap they found to add flare to the place.  They also had a beer list as long as I am tall, but Drew soon found out that they didn’t have nearly everything on the list in stock.  “I guess it’s just a list of beer, not a list of what they serve”, said I.



Max told some scary ghost stories outside…  I had nightmares that night, bigtime.



When it came time to leave, I tried to rally everyone for a picture in front of the polar bear.  They weren’t having it, but Fatlace Photographer Jon decided to be a sport and pose in front of the bear.  Thanks Jon!



Here’s what Drew and Max think of your stinking bear



Monday night Drew went out to dinner with his wife so I went on short notice to meet up with my good friend Kia from TD Garage at a place you might remember from our Wednesday Win-Day article, Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe in Emeryville.  We had one of their world famous Shakin’ Jesses (milkshake made with Guiness) while we waited for my other good buddy Terence to show up.



Terence is a brilliant photographer.  He actually has an author account here on LifeBlasters, but he’s too busy shooting beautiful women for bathtubs full of money all the time.  Yes, I’m calling you out Terence… make an intro post!  😉



Terence is also the only other photog I know who adapts vintage Nikon lenses to his modern DSLR.  This night he had a Nikon AI-era 50mm F1.2 on his Canon 5D MkII.   *drools*



Hey look!  LifeBlasters, MotorMavens, and OMGdrift have survived the time that we’ve been gone.  Kia said “I’m going to get Lab17 to print me a giant TD Garage sticker exactly the size of the door so I can cover the whole thing at once”



Tuesday night I headed up to Nevada City to help my younger brother Graeme celebrate his 21st birthday.  Needless to say, we had fun.  Wednesday morning (err, noonish) we went outside to take a few pictures.  Being a professional downhill mountain biker, Graeme usually has pictures coming out of his ears, but with a recent injury, he was in need of some shots to satisfy his sponsors.  Lucky he’s got a photog for a big bro!




A few weeks ago while cross-training  on a motocross bike, he hung his ankle just the wrong way and tore his anterior cruciate ligament.  ACL injuries are no joke, and he’ll have to undergo serious surgery and miss the rest of the racing season.  Even Tuesday night at the bar he was wearing this knee brace from his newest sponsor, EVS Sports, to keep from hyper extending it and damaging it further.  Too bad you didn’t have this brace before you went cross-training, Graeme!  Sheesh!










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  1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention in the article, props to my mom for holding the bounce source in the picture of Graeme with his bike! Couldn’t have done it without you, mom!

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