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I’m Geoff and I’m a Life Blaster. Here’s everything you’ll ever want to know about my photog history, and probably more.

Yep, that’s me. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Photography has interested me since I was about 12. I actually started out as a video-guy, shooting videos of me and my friends riding dirtbikes and cutting/editing/adding music to videos by going back and forth on 2 VHS players. The concept of diminishing quality hadn’t dawned on me at this point, and I’ll admit the stuff was pretty rough. It wasn’t until I was around 20 that the idea of taking good pictures appealed to me, so I asked a friend who was in to photography what I should start with.  At his recommendation I bought a Canon S3 and began my real adventures.

An interesting shot from my Canon S3 days.

It actually wasn’t until I met my Life Blasting hetero-life-partner, Andrew Bohan, that I understood a damn thing about motorsports photography. I remember showing him pictures I took at the drift events I organize and hearing him reply “well, the composition is alright but in general that picture SUCKS! You need to lengthen your shutter speed until you can just barely keep the car crisp. That way the background and the wheels are moving, which equals awesome.”

Just starting to get some motion with the S3. This is one of my favorites from my first ASB

After I figured out how to properly set up a camera, I instantly outgrew the S3. It’s focal length/exposure/aperature/iso range was just too narrow, and it’s user interface was not intended for shooting easily in manual mode. It wasn’t long before I was in the market for a DSLR. To hold me over during my DSLR hunt, my parents gave me two 1980’s era Nikon SLR bodies and a few lenses to play with. I was instantly in love with film. The first weekend I had the film bodies was also my first time at Buttonwillow Raceway and the night before the event I ended up taking what is still one of my favorite pictures of all-time. (below)

After some searching, I found a Canon 20D on Craigslist for $300. Drew sold me his POS Tamron 18-200, and I was on my way. I realized that digital is a great thing for me when it comes to motorsports photography, because with the number of motion shots I throw away I’d be wasting rolls and rolls of film.

Since those days, I’ve kept almost the same setup adding a few lenses for the Nikons here and there, and renting good L-glass for the canon when I’m shooting stuff intended for publications. I’ve shot casually for internationally based Works Magazine, OMGDrift, FittedLife, and my own event publicity, and you know what? I really hope nobody serious ever asks me to shoot for money, because I enjoy the heck out of the freedom to shoot what I want, when I want. It just so happens that what I enjoy shooting is the same thing that certain people like looking at, so I guess that’s a win. As part of my intro, and to help get some content going on our new site, I’ll be posting a few stories featuring my personal favorites from 2010 as well as a more comprehensive evaluation of my current gear. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

Here’s to Life Blasters!


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