Music runs my life

So a lot of my friends are DJs. Kid Conrad and Mike Sincere are two of them.



Kid Conrad started DJ in Las Vegas a few years ago and has got himself a pretty solid base. In the time I’m know him he’s gone from DJing random gigs when he could with his dayjob to being a Resident (fulltime)DJ at two different spots around the valley. This was from a random Tuesday where they both played a set at a topless pool here in Vegas. Yes Titties and Turntables is how we do a Tuesday in Vegas. I’d love to show you photos of the girls but the property told me if I was spotted taking photos of “bathers” I’d be kicked out.


Mike Sincere is from L.A and was out visiting to check out the Vegas DJ/club scene. He’ll be moving here in two months or so. Mike Sincere is a pretty solid name in L.A DJing just about any clubs he wants from what I’ve been told. I met him about 12 hours before I took this photo during a “business meeting” at Marquee nightclub that we all left pretty smashed. Man I love Vegas style meetings.


Mike checking out the girls while Joe is trying to tell him something important. Joe is Mike’s manager and brains from what I could tell of Blend Artist. A DJ group based out of L.A working on being the next Skam Artist.  I have to say knowing the DJs is pretty awesome. Free entry to everywhere we go, free drinks, and the ladies…when they talk to us lol.


Man I need a sticker with my name on it for my laptop now…with a big purple LB!

One thought on “Music runs my life

  1. haha the first time I read the title of this post, I thought it said “Music ruined my life”. Anyway, great article ‘Sa! I’ll talk to Lab17 about making you a kidyosh/LB sticker for your laptop haha

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