Behind the scenes @ Blu808

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So, I’m here at Blu808 in Campbell hanging out and doing ThunderDrift work while Luke and the crew build the Blu808 Vette, and my fellow blaster Bohan films episode 5 of the Vette Build-vid series. I’ve gotta say, every time I’ve been to Blu808 I’m in awe at the collection of cars Luke is working on. In this picture alone, you can see 3 Formula DRIFT cars (Conrad’s Camaro, Luke’s Vette, and Fabian’s S14), an immaculately prepped RB26 240Z, and an 800hp 3S-GTE MR2. Damn.

Here’s Josh Sher starting to strip down his S13 hatch for his 2011 ProAm build. You probably remember his old S13 coupe, painted like the interceptor from Mad Max. After lots of peer pressure, he cut the car up into little pieces and retired it. I think I’m the only one besides Josh who was sad to see it go… I loved that car. Hopefully his next build will be just as awesome.

Over the course of the first 4 episodes, Josh Sher has been issued the nickname “Texting Guy”, and let me tell’ya, it’s all true.

Drew’s new camera equipment is awesome! Here’s his field monitor

Here’s the whole package. Pretty nice not having to rent that 300 anymore, eh Drew?

This is an ingenious bit of kit, a gopro on a modified egg-timer with a tripod mount underneath. Perfect for 1hr 360 degree time-lapse shots. Click here for a sweet demo

The back side of the bonnet is a mirror?!?! are you KIDDING me?!?! awesome.

Here’s Josh grinding the finish off of some pieces of metal that will soon be the seat mount for Luke’s Vette.

I only took this shot because pictures of sparks flying look epic… Yes.

Drew still has a few days of shooting left before he can begin to edit episode 5, but I’m sure it’ll be as cool if not cooler than the previous ones. Check back soon!


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