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Recently, Skylar “Squidd” Smith (pictured above) posted a video on facebook from All Star Bash 2008.  It brought back many great memories for me, as ASB ’08 was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a drift event.  It turns out I still had my photo set from the event, and I captured some moments worthy of recalling for you today.



Tony Angelo and Chris Forsberg were tearing it up on track all weekend.  This was actually the only time I’ve ever seen Tony drift.  Shows how new I am, doesn’t it?



Check it out!  Joon, back when he was running his S13.5 in Formula Drift!





MTP, back when he kept his car gangster low, and his hair gangster long.  Is that a “the office” reference on the RX7’s window, or is that the driver’s actual name?



What up, Roland?  Back before your car was teal!  Perfectly aimed headlight.  Larry Chen would be proud.



Dave Blunt!  I miss this guy…  Really wish I saw him around more.



Forrest Wang killin it!



Killing it, and not being able to spell very well… haha.



I remember thinking this was one of the most awesome cars at the event, because he really didn’t care about aesthetics.  Chunked out drift spares on the front is a nice touch too.





Antonio was running the show in 2008 just like he’s running the show today.  Check out those stylish kicks too!  Nice, Antonio!



Here’s my good buddy Eric Hill in his old S12.  He crashed this thing for the last time at the Redbull World Drift Championship in Long Beach 2008.  Eric is now driving for the ASD ProAm team, trying to snag himself a Formula Drift license!



This is Matt Panic’s 20-valve 4A-GE Corolla I mentioned in my recent story about Seattle.



Nate Fegion is someone I didn’t know back then, but over the years he has made the trip from Portland Oregon down to my ThunderDrift events in NorCal many times.  I’ve always enjoyed watching Nate drift because his skill level greatly exceeds his car’s appearance.



ASB is known for being the place where you can see some of the world’s best drifters having the time of their lives, and destroying some really expensive aero parts.  Here’s proof!





When nightfall came, most of us decided to party.  Others simply passed out on the concrete, only to have forts built around them by the ones who were still awake.  Good times.







In case you were wondering, this was back when I was shooting with a p/s Canon S3 with a filter adapter, and a 4-stop ND filter.






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