Late Night Skating

D-Mob and Jigga. Two skaters I often work with on over-the-top skate photos. This time we played things safe though. Well I did anyway.

Right after the before-shot, Jigga lost his wheel. As soon as he went to roll away his wheel went in a different direction. He went into a quick panic looking for a wheel, a set of bearings, and “a tool.”  I’ve never know the exact name of the tool but EVERY skater has one.


Ten minutes later he found the tools needed to get his board back together so he could continue skating.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the park, D-Mob continued his session, coasting around the park in a fashion that makes it seem almost effortless.


Another perfectly executed move. I’ll always find it interesting to watch skaters and see the way they flail about to hold balance. D-Mob also has the element of 2-foot dreads. At times he’s like a giant rag doll. LOL!


Back to Jigga…getting, BROKE! He tried to jump this ledge, gap, structure, however you wish to describe it at least twenty different times. He landed it a few times but never stuck the landing. I do have to commend him for his valiant efforts. The one thing people outside the culture don’t get is that these “street punks” have an un-measurable amount of determination. He would have tried this trick this he snapped his ankle and then some if he could have made it through the pain.


It wouldn’t be a skate park without the random Asian kid recording the evening.


But after all is said and done the boys still find things to laugh about. Skate culture is something I don’t ever thing I’ll get away from. While I may have retired my deck long ago I still enjoy being a part of the scene. There’s a certain sense of togetherness that comes from beating yourself to a pulp with friends family.

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