Chronicles of the World Drift Series Pt. 3

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Competition day finally came around. Team America’s cars had only arrived on the previous day, but everyone was able to get their cars running fine before the event started.


Ross took his bike out on the track to check it out.


Some people like to walk the track before an event, Ross goes about it a bit differently.


There seemed to be a lot of down time, but that was totally cool with us. Just more time to hang out.


Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada was one of the judges for the event. He came down on track to hang out in a hot air balloon that had been laying on the infield for the entire weekend.


This is Echo, she’s a pretty rad chick. She came up to Shreeve and me and asked if I had any LB stickers on me, since I was wearing my LifeBlasters shirt. I told her that I didn’t at the moment and then asked if she knew about LifeBlasters. She said she totally knew about it and had read some articles. She knew all about Tandem of Die too!


Justin was looking super hipster with Echo’s fake glasses on.


He showed Larry his new look,


but Larry wasn’t down.


Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida flew in last minute to drive in the event. They were provided with the old RS-R S2000 that just wasn’t running quite right, so they switched to a more suitable S15.


JR was very attentive in the drivers meeting.


While Kyle spent his time plotting the Chinese drivers’ demise.


Justin took a moment to give a quick pep talk before practice started.


Then he went to motivating them on the track.


But some took it a little too far.


Soon it was time for the main competition.


JR ended up winning the whole event in some extremely close battles and an amzing finish in the final round with US teammate Matt Powers, who took 2nd.



Soon after we got back from the track, we went out to enjoy some beer and good chinese street food.


Echo was all like ^


And then Bush was all like 😀


Hope you guys enjoyed the WDS posts. Sorry I wasn’t able to take more photos as I was busy filming all the radical driftings! Look forward to Larry Chen’s 2011 WDS video and tons of footage in the Tandem of Die DVD!


:: ayala


6 thoughts on “Chronicles of the World Drift Series Pt. 3

  1. Rad stuff! If some could please tell larry to upload this years video to vimeo instead of failtube again, all of the german fans (me) would appreciate it mucho mas :]

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