From the Archives ● Drifting at the SJGP

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This is quite possibly the first photo I ever took of 2011 Formula D champion Daijiro Yoshihara, back at the San Jose Grand Prix in 2007’s Formula D team drift exhibition.

There were a lot of big names at this event, including 2006 Sonoma winner Calvin Wan…
…Drift Alliance bros Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo, and Ryan Tuerck was also there.
Everyone’s favorite 86 driver Taka Aono came too, with Yoshie Shuyama not far behind.
Even Todd Ho was there, in the first ever LS1-swapped car to run in Formula D. It was also the first LS1 RX-7 in California.

15 thoughts on “From the Archives ● Drifting at the SJGP

  1. Wrong…. Mike Peters had the LS1-swapped S13 in 2006 (and i think the el camino was LS1 in 2005). Todd ho wasn’t first…

  2. the green one is the one that used to be black. he finished the swap in the summer of 05 during the night drift days, then since he had done the wiring before, he did the wiring on luke’s LS1 FD that we finished that fall.

  3. As for FD 06 Mike did not show up until practice was over the first day at LB and his car did not hit the track until the next day. But correct me if I am wrong.

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