The Haps on the Craps: A Week with Tandem of Die

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A week ago Friday I was greeted by the young, rich, and tasteless Joe Ayala. The plan was to drink until the pain over. But, what’s worse – the pain or the hangover? Seriously though, the plan was to hang out with our good friends Yoshi Shindo, Walker Wilkerson, and Kyle Pollard and then head down to Thunderhill Raceway where we would be driving our cars for the first time on track.

After a fun night of Montage and Acrop, we awoke at the crack of noon to join our buddies Ryan Davis and Matt Lucia at the famous YAER Productions for a year-end wrap up interview with Walker and Fuzz. They’ve both been quite busy this year, as you can imagine, and it was great to hear how they felt about it all.


Next, we headed over to Portland Speed Industries to facilitate Yoshi with shooting Kyle Pollard’s PS13.


While Kyle wrapped up a few things with the car, Joe and I wandered around the shop and showroom, where we found tons of awesomeness of all types. We even bumped into Mark Panic, who was tuning his 1.5JZ Cressida.


Before long, a wild Yoshi appeared! Expect to see a full feature of Kyle’s Silvia on MotorMavens soon.


After showing Yoshi how to properly adjust his camera settings, we prepared for a long, tired drive back to our hometown of Medford.


We filled up our tank before beginning our journey. While at the gas station, we met this interesting fellow named Dan the Man. He was so curious about where we were going and whether or not we were interested in attending a rave with him and doing lots of drugs. As much as we wanted to accompany him, we were short on time, so we bid farewell to Dan and wished him luck in his endeavors.


After all the excitement of meeting Dan the Man, we decided to stop in a few cities on the way to search for more interesting characters like him. So, we smashed down the I-5 as fast as we could in our Walker Wilkerson stance!


We stopped in Oregon’s state capital of Salem. It wasn’t long before we met these three rad hipster chicks loitering and smoking outside of a YMCA which had a sign specifically stating “No Loitering or Smoking” hahahaha! We never got their names but they were pretty awesome, and sure liked Fuzz.


Next on the list was the home of the Oregon Ducks, Eugene. Being that the University of Oregon is here, there were a bunch of kids walking to and from local parties.


Apparently there was a Swamp Stomp going on (whatever the hell that is), and everyone was dressing up in camouflage. We got this guy in the gillie suit to do some handstands for us! We drove around for a little bit and found some chicks and we asked them if they wanted their pictures taken. Without a thought, one of the chicks yelled “You wanna see some tits?!”, and pulled her shirt down! She seemed regretful about it afterward and asked us not to post it. Being the gentlemen that we are, we obliged. Sorry :\


We didn’t have much time to shoot while down at T-Hill for the Kris Hackenson Halloween Drift day, but Bohan covered it quite well. After another four hour drive home, we looked forward to fitting all our new body parts. Unfortunately, our kits need to be shipped back due to cracks incurred during shipment, but we still had a bunch of fresh new gear to try on.


I plan on running 17×10.5-14 VS-KFs all around and Joe is going with 17×10-17 and 17×11-8 VS-XXs, so we new we needed to use fiberglass to get them to fit.


We decided on 20/30mm Origin fenders to get the right fitment while keeping a bit of negative camber in the rear. Once more power comes, so will less camber and larger fenders. 🙂


Once the fenders were fit, I couldn’t wait to see how the rear bumper would sit, along with the addition of the super aggressive 326 Power wing.


After Ryan Kado, Joe, and I had a three-car Tandem of Die, my whip still needs a bit of banging to get everything straight.


But, I can’t say I’m not pleased with the results already. I have a great imagination, so seeing it at this stage is nearly as good as seeing it finished.


My favorite part by far is how easy it is to tuck with over fenders, rather than pulling stock metal away from the lip to make them fit. That brings up an interesting topic – Do you prefer “tucked”, “flush”, or the infamous “HELLAFLUSH” fitment?


Here’s how they sit right now, awaiting kits, paint, new stickers, etc. Stoked! Also, I plan on doing a more thorough build post eventually, so stay tuned to Life Blasters!
:: Shreeve

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