TANDEM OF DIE | Cell Mates | Teaser

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What I’ll miss about metal quarter panels is rubbing off the excess sidewall when running fresh tires and seeing the looks on the faces of concerned pedestrians and drivers alike. I’ll also miss occasionally being pushed down the highway by the likes of Joe Ayala or Geoff Pitts BECAUSE MISSILE CAR.


The thing is, I’m starting to grow up (kinda) and my car is following suit and that’s okay. Life sucks without change. Here’s to a new generation of mine and Joe’s cars. One filled with big lips, stretched tires, retarded kits, and outrageous paint.


This also marks the inception of a new segment (bonus feature) of the Tandem of Die DVD, which will most likely be titled Cell Mates, as it will be comprised entirely of random/awesome cell phone footage. We’ve got car accidents, Fuzz antics, street drifting, and more, so stay tuned!


– Shreeve


PS – Yes, that is a penis drawn on my side view mirror. Thanks, Joe.




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