Super-Am Round 3

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Things are starting to heat up in Super-Am! This round was the biggest this season and it was full of surprises including upsets, setups, let downs, rock crawling, and celebrity appearances.

The first surprise was Joe! He decided to stop by and hang out on his way up to Medford for Thanksgiving. Aww, how sweet!
I brought Ry with me to make sure someone made a list of who got what number so we knew who the hell placed where. He did a good job!


Before the event started, we were able to find the stairs of delusion, connecting the layers of delusion.


Dustin Jenks was looking for his third straight victory, but a spin in the Top 8 ended his day.
Long-time TD supporter Rob Sherod made an appearance. He doesn’t know how many different things he’s crashed into.


Ry was quick to take some ride alongs with Rob.
Ozzy Vidrio showed up with a rad old Starlet, and it even had a mustache sticker on the window in just the right place!
Brian Ramos was back driving one of the three BMWs in the series. With a fourth place finish he got seeded for the finals. I think this series might have the most BMWs per capita of any drift series in the world.
This was Danny Collins’s first round and he managed to get seeded for the finals too!
Geoff likes to do silly things for the camera.
Rob made a pretty good splash at the initiation point.
The judges agreed.
On the big track, some guys were practicing for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, which is coming up quick.
Not to be outdone, Luke Wright also made a splash at the initiation point. He and Rob went one more time in the final round.
Rob tried to go too big and almost destroyed his car. I think he was actively crashing for at least ten seconds. First his hit his rear on the tires, and that sucked the front in and over the tires, then he bounced around a bit on top of the tires and against the wall, and finally got off the tires and drove away. Luke won the whole event and got a seed for the finals.
Geoff thought he looked pretty important with three radios on his belt.
Rob was not phased by his crash at all. “That wasn’t a crash,” he said, “I was just rock crawling!” Keep telling yourself that, dude. At least he finished in second place and got seeded.
I have no idea why Jason was so sad. Maybe because the competition was finally over.
Alveen and Jovanni were ready to go out for some fun runs.
It sure looked like Ozzy was having a blast.
Sean Hoover also got seeded for the finals.
Nick and Alveen managed to go the exact same speed as each other so I could get them both sharp at 1/15. Wild.
Gabe was holding it down out there and was constantly giving ride-alongs. Ahh the life of a pro. Soon the sun set and it was time for Black Bear.

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