Super-Am Round 4

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Every year as the year comes to a close, Thunderdrift gives you one last chance to go drifting. This year’s big year-end event was Sam Mercado’s Tropical Hula Girl Drift, which consisted of Super-Am Round 4 on the Driftpad with open drifting and gripping sessions on the big track. Not a bad way to spend the last weekend before Christmas if you ask me.

Matt Coffman came down from Medford to get his new LS1 tuned at the track. He popped his turbo KA the last time he came down. Thunderhill has one of the only dynos within a few hundred miles of Medford, so Matt’s next best option was to find a shop in Portland. But then that wouldn’t be at a racetrack now, would it?
I thought this was Jason Cancio’s RWD STi at first, but it was just Matt’s get-around vehicle.
A few of the regular Super-Am drivers decided not to compete in Round 4 and drive the track instead. Maybe Dustin Jenks felt comfortable with his points lead, but that was a risky move!
Joe stopped by on his way to Medford for Christmas! It sure is convenient that Thunderhill is on his way up there.
Dustin took a run on the pad to test out something he did to his car, but forgot his hood pins. Strange since he he has stickers all over his car to remind him of his hood pins! Oops!
Briam Ramos came back to see if he could improve on his P4 finish in Round 3, but it wasn’t in the cards.
Nick Bayati had a couple of super gangster runs, but spinning after the finish line knocked him out in the Top 8.
Travis Bouchard squeezed into the Top 4.
Keith Gevas borrowed Luke Wright’s car since his own was acting up. After a shaky practice run, he figured the car out enough to take it to the Top 4 too.
Memo was laying down some of his best runs of the season.
But Ty fought him off and claimed P3.
In the final battle, Travis fought hard against Keith.
But in the end Keith won. However, Travis’s second place finish was enough to land him the #1 qualifier spot for the final round in January! With this round’s low attendance, only 14 drivers got seeds for the finals. To fill out the Top 16 bracket, we brought in the two top unseeded drivers, Jovanni Gamero and Ian Bowers, but Ian doesn’t have a running car! This means Travis gets a bye run straight into the Top 8. All Dustin had to do was finish last place in Round 4 and he would have had enough points qualify first and get the bye run instead of Travis!
Oh hey, it’s Norcal drifting OG Faruk Kugay. He was around since pretty much the beginning, but has been living in Europe lately, teaching drifting in Poland and other countries.
Instead of champagne or energy drinks, Gabe provided the top four drivers with silly string. Ridiculous.
Speaking of ridiculous, how about Don Ahn’s new endplates for his wing? They’re made out of an old sign.
Since this event was named after Sam Mercado, Sam drew the event sticker for us! What a guy!
Julian Jacobs bought Elysha Lee’s S13 and used it to chase Al Pulido around the track. It’s not very often we get to see Al actually driving his car and not letting someone else use it.
Formula D’s own Luke Crowell (AKA Formula Dread AKA Gingerbeard AKA Treebeard) joined us at the track, driving his Cressida. He got black flagged for going off track too many times! Haha!
Until next time!

12 thoughts on “Super-Am Round 4

  1. sad I got to miss this event. Heard it was of epic proportions.

    Can’t wait to get my car back and tandem with everyone! Jewlion got me pumped to chuck with him.

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