Fuzz's Christmas Vacation

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Most of you remember Justin Shreeve’s canine companion from our interview a few months back. Well I got a chance to follow him around during his Christmas vacation. In this, I hope to give you a deeper look into the life of this curious soul, this stoic creature, this living question mark we know as Fuzz.


One thing I enjoy about meeting Justin down is Medford, is that he usually brings Fuzz down with him. I see Fuzz so rarely, he’s almost like a unicorn to me. Do you know what a unicorn to a unicorn is like?!


He really enjoys his trips home too.


Fuzz was really hoping to get that new iPhone for Christmas this year, but he only got a bone. #worstchristmasever


Fuzz loves his papa.


We rarely hear from or about Fuzz because Justin is usually using the computer for work.


But over the break, Fuzz was able to check his fan page more frequently.


We soon, as always, made our way into the garage.


One thing you are sure to find sitting pretty in the garage, is Joe Shreeve’s Luv of his life.


Fuzz loves helping Justin and me work on our cars. I really don’t know if we could have gotten much done without his help. Here is Fuzz helping Justin put in strobes into his new lights.


This is Monkey. He belongs to Fuzz’s brother Copper.


Fuzz likes to chew it up and stuff. He’ll go at it all night long.


Or at least as long as he can get away with it.


With 2011 coming to an end, Fuzz took lots of time to sit back and reflect on everything he’s done this past year and all that he’s accomplished. He cant wait for everything 2012 has in store for him. He tells me that he has big things planned, can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves.


But the best part of Fuzz’ day is when he buries himself under the pillows and blankets for a good night’s sleep. Thanks for letting me shadow you around for a day Fuzz! Always a pleasure.

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