The Continuing Quest for Amir

As with tradition, I ended up at Venice Beach the day after Formula D Long Beach again. This time Geoff wasn’t able to make it, but Justin and Annie came along and we met up with Joe, Brooke, and Yoshi.

It was going to be a fun, relaxing day regardless, but I really wanted to find Amir. The stilt guy was mad that we wouldn’t buy entertainment from him. Dude I just made you famous! Relax! Now everyone will want to get their picture taken with the stilt guy from Life Blasters! $$$$!


Right away I noticed there were far fewer weirdos than usual. Of course there will always be some weirdos.


Even on Joe’s shoulders, Justin couldn’t find Amir anywhere.


Not sure if you knew this already, but Yoshi loves sand.


There was lots of action over at the skate park. Would you guys want to see more skating stuff? We’re down to bring you the awesomeness.


This kid was totally killing it. He was better in the bowl than most of the other guys there.


He kept doing a similar routine each time. There’s something to be said for consistency.


He had it down to a science.


Everyone was fun to watch, and they had their own cool styles.


This guy even had his own photographer, and I checked out his angle of this shot. I think his was better 🙁


With all the awesome skating going on, we completely forgot about Amir. Oh well, I’m sure he’s still out there somewhere!


Andy Laputka, Jacob Agajanian, James Kirkham, and Ryan Davis showed up to film a short video with a Ken Block RC car for a contest. With a $10,000 prize, they needed to do something awesome!


I can’t wait to see the finished product. It should be pretty rad!

Before we knew it, our parking was expired so we had to rock out and go to our next adventure!
Photos by Bohan and Ayala

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