Fredric Aasbø’s Supra

Last Wednesday I was hanging out with Larry, and we went over to FSR in Montclair to check out Fredric Aasbø’s Supra. I hadn’t seen his Supra since Irwindale 2010 so I was excited to see what they were doing to it!

Larry had to do a feature on the car for Speedhunters, but Fredric wasn’t done doing stuff to it yet, and then it had to get dynoed too.


The cool project was a plexiglass wall behind the seats that sealed the driver area from the hatch area.


That way smoke can come into the hatch area but stay out of the driver area.


Fredric took the glass out of the hatch so all the smoke can get out. This is not Formula D legal at all, but that’s okay since he’s shipping the car back overseas.


What’s Larry shooting? The roll cage padding?


The engine bay is all business.


Larry was interested in the Brazil-made cast iron manifold. “Super strong and it won’t break,” says Fredric.


The wastegate dump is pretty cool. It looks like it took a long time to make.


Fredric ran out of oil so we went to AutoZone to get more. Tsk tsk, Fredric. I thought you were sponsored by Torco!


We turned AutoZone into PhotoZone. I wonder what the people there thought about all this.


After AutoZone, Fredric wanted ice cream, so we went to the gas station. He got enough ice cream for Larry, me, and the rest of the guys at the shop! What a nice guy!


Pro drifters still have to wait in line, just like everyone else.


Larry got some kind of strawberry ice cream. I think he enjoyed it.


Back at the shop, Fredric put his new oil in the 2JZ and it was ready to go on the dyno.


…But there was a rad old truck in the way.


Up on the lift, we saw evidence of how low the Supra is. This flex pipe has seen better days.


Finally it was the Supra’s turn, but then the sun was going down and Larry wouldn’t be able to do his shoot. We left without even finding out how much power the Supra was making! Oh well, it was a fun day anyway!


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