Questions from Our Readers

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To celebrate reaching 2500 fans on Facebook, we decided to have you, our readers, ask us questions about photography, philosophy, motivation, motorsports, gear, beer, traveling, ourselves, funny stuff, or whatever else you could think of. We picked our favorite 25 questions and answered them right here!

1. “What is your favorite childhood Life Blasters moment? If you were a Life Blaster then, what would it look like?” Wes Ong – Fremont, California


Pitts: Way back in the 1800s when I was about 10 years old shooting with my Kodak STAR-110 in Washington, DC, I took a photo with the Washington Monument cleverly positioned between me and the sun, and it came out awesome. Total blaster moment.


Bohan: When I was a kid I had a Kodak Instamatic 104 from the ’60s, and the lens was fixed at 43mm f/11. That camera was fine for snapshots, but terrible for shooting the shore from a boat in the middle of Puget Sound. I think that’s where my need for big glass came from. Not really a blaster moment, but more of an “unable to blast” moment. I knew from an early age that you need good gear as well as good ideas in order to make good photos. I remember feeling very happy when my dad let me use his Olympus SLR in Yellowstone. I don’t remember if the photos even came out.


Shreeve: When I was like five or six, I would find my mom’s camera and roam the neighborhood shooting animals and trees and people. I even rang the doorbell of my babysitter, who I had a crush on of course, and caught her first reaction on film. I’m sure those photos are still around somewhere.


Ayala: Way back when I was six, I was at the Oregon coast with my family. I had our old family camera looking out for whales, not even taking pictures. Well, it turns out, there was a photographer for the local newspaper there who took a photo of me and it ended up on the front page. I still have it somewhere at my mom’s place.


2. “Question for Bohan. Fuck one, kill one, marry one. Shreeve, Ayala, Pitts. I’d also like an explanation for each choice. Or, each of you do the fuck/marry/kill thing about the other three. That’s a better question.” Dylan Evans – Auburn, Washington


Bohan: I’d marry Shreeve because he’s the most like a girl, I’d kill Pitts because he snores, and well that just leaves Joe.


Pitts: I’d marry Joe because we’d have the cutest kids, I’d kill Bohan because he voted to kill me, and because by the time this actually has to happen he’ll have a 1Dx and I want it. Oh, and I’d fuck Shreeve because he’s the most like a girl. …and fuck you, Dylan, I’m answering this one too.


Shreeve: I suppose I should answer this now too, huh? Well, I would of course marry Joe, because he completes me. I’d fuck Bohan for all the times he’s used his martial arts against me. I guess that leaves Geoff to kill. Can I say I killed him and just help him start a new life somewhere tropical with lots of fine honey dips and limitless Sailor Jerry?


Ayala: I’d marry Bohan because he is married and knows the routine, I’d fuck Shreeve because he has the hair for me to pull on, and I’d kill Geoff.


Bohan: So Geoff got killed every time. Everything is going according to plan…


3. “Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?” Andy Luk – Long Beach, California


Shreeve: This one’s easy, Andy. Princess Amidala, of course. Because Natalie Portman.


Bohan: I’d have to say Obi-Wan. He’s the best combination of badass and relatable.


Ayala: I love Han Solo, that scruffy looking nerf-herder.


4. “When you’re shooting photos at an event, what tips and tricks can you share on where to aim your camera at?” Paulo Acoba – Merced, California


Bohan: I put the camera on Auto mode and aim at the autos.


Pitts: I aim my camera at the nicest boobs I can find, and shoot on continuous until the card is full.


Shreeve: I aim mine directly in front of the smoke.


5. “This goes to Joe and Justin…. How did the whole handstand phenomenon, that we all love you guys for, begin?” Daniel Hovdahl – Heggedal, Norway


Ayala: The handstand shenanigans with Shreeve and me started back in 2010 at Formula D Long Beach. This was the first Formula D event that we went to together. It was outside of the Hooters restaurant with Victor Moore and his team when Shreeve decided to do a handstand. We decided then that we would document handstands at every Formula D event we went to.


Shreeve: Good question, Norwegian kid! Joe and I were just talking about this at Formula Drift Round 1, actually. The handstand thing started in front of Hooters in Long Beach during the FD party in 2010. We were hanging around out front, I was playing SKATE with some locals, and we were taking photos of everything, as usual. We wanted to get some photos in front of the entrance, but standing didn’t quite cut it. That was when handstands became an important part of our lives.


6. “How do i get to be Life Blasters awesome?” William Staab – Cumming, Georgia


Bohan: You have to live a fun and rewarding life and do all the things you want to do.


Pitts: Will, you already are Life Blasters awesome. You bought our shirt. We can’t thank you enough, buddy. …and what Bohan said.


Shreeve: Quit your day job and find a way to make a living doing what you love. Or not. Just do what you love.


Ayala: Grab a camera and have tons of fun!


7. “If an exorcist performs an exorcism and you don’t pay him, does that mean you get repossessed?” Juan Cifuentes – Orlando, Florida


Bohan: Yes.


Pitts: No, it means you get de-exorcised.


Bohan: If you get de-exorcised do you get fat?


8. “Do Life Blasters sleep? And I’ll answer the first question for Pitts – yes, he was a Life Blaster from the beginning. Wherever he is, an event happens.” Leslie Pitts – Nevada City, California


Pitts: Yes, Life Blasters love sleep. Sometimes we don’t get enough. Now quit momming-up our article! There are curse words in here, for God’s sake.


9. “WHY U NO HAVE GIRL BLASTER?” Alex Nostalgic – San Francisco, California


Bohan: None have applied.


Pitts: Because a woman’s place is in front of the lens, not behind it. Oh hi Bekka, Jaime, Vanessa, June, and Leann!


Ayala: Nice! ^


Shreeve: . . . Niiiice. ^


10. “All of you Blasters: What was the greatest / most awesome / beautiful place/events you have visited, and what makes that so special?” Neffi – Aalborg, Denmark


Bohan: That’s a tough one. I love cities, the ocean, the mountains, the desert, small towns…I guess I’m not really too into wide open flat farmland. That’s just boring, but every other place I’ve been is beautiful to me. None of them really stick out. Most awesome place I’ve shot an event is Road Atlanta. That place is super photo-friendly. Best scenery? I really dig Hawaii. Na Pali, on the north shore of Kauai, is stunning.


Pitts: Greatest, most awesome, and beautiful are three very different things. I’ll stick with beautiful. Yosemite and Death Valley have the most beautiful scenery, but Miami and Seattle have the most beautiful women. Hmmm… choices choices.


Shreeve: I think Norway has been the most beautiful/greatest place I’ve visited, but China and Dubai are pretty awesome too, for different reasons.


Ayala: As far a tracks go, Pikes Peak beats everything! Getting there around 4am and watching the sunrise from 14,000 feet with race cars flying by, only inches away from the cliffs! There is no other place  quite like it!


Shreeve: Hey, we were lounging with foxes at 7-Eleven at 2:30 and on the mountain at 3am at the latest! Get your facts straight, homie!


11. “Is there any outlining going on for a ‘handstand tutorial?'” Micke Superiorimports – Södertälje, Sweden

Shreeve: We have an author writing a draft of Handstands for Dummies. Should hit editing by late July.


Ayala: You can do it, you just have to believe! Think happy thoughts.


12. “What is something you would like to do to make a difference in this world?” Annette Baron – San Jose, California

Bohan: After witnessing police in riot gear clashing with the Occupy movement in Oakland, I’ve thought of doing more “serious” photography, like going to combat zones or places where atrocities and tragedies are happening. If I can get a photo that makes the world aware of what’s happening, that’s something.


Pitts: As a journalist it’s my strict duty to prevent myself from interfering with what I’m covering, but exposing people to things they may have never seen is changing the world, so there you go.


Shreeve: To me, making a difference in this world extends far beyond photography. I just try to be as handsome as I can at all times.


13. “Pulp or no pulp?” Nestor Silva – Othello, Washington


Bohan: Pulp is gross. Give it to me smooth.


Pitts: No pulp. In fact, if we’re talking about OJ, I’ll pass altogether.


Shreeve: Pulp disgusts me. That’s for brown people.


Ayala: Medium pulp for me.


14. “Talk about your first cars.” Will Griffith – San Francisco, California


Bohan: That’s not a question, but I had a 1985 Ford Tempo. I got it in 1995 so it was only ten years old but still had tons of problems. The first big problem was a leaky heater core. It would drip coolant all over the passenger floor and ruin my friends’ backpacks. I couldn’t run the heater or it would blow coolant vapor on the inside of the windshield. That stuff does NOT wipe off easily. I had to drive to school one morning with my head out the window the whole way. One night my friend Jim and I were going home from the movies, and the radiator drain plug fell out and all my coolant drained onto the freeway. I was wondering why the car would go slower when I gave it gas, and then the motor just popped. Warped and cracked the head. I helped my dad swap the motor, then drove the car for another year til I got a 1983 F-150 4×4. My dad sold the Tempo for $300, and the new owner went drunk driving and totaled it a week later.


Pitts: Wow, Bohan. Such a long dissertation about such crappy cars. Mine is no better, though. Will, I started out in a 1985 Honda CRX which I stripped to almost nothing and autocrossed for a few years. The CRX got its head taken off when I drove under the back of a flatbed truck, so I went with something I couldn’t go fast in. A 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, nicknamed “the gutless supreme.” I had 14″ 100-spoke Daytons with 3-spoke knockoffs and fatty whitewalls, a 10″ chrome chain-link steering wheel, and one of those ice cream truck noisemakers. Gangster. Then I caught the drifting bug and bought a ’91 240SX, followed by an AE86 Corolla. I put 160,000 miles on the Corolla in 2 years of street driving including trips to Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, etc. Right now I drive a ’94 240SX (which I hate) and I have my old AE86 plus a 1969 RT-43 Toyota Corona stored out in the woods at my parents’ house. Someone trade me for an MX-83 Cressida!


Bohan: I think he meant the first car each of us had, not the first several cars each of us had.


Shreeve: I think he meant whatever Geoff wanted him to think. Okay, Bohan? 😉 My first car was a 2003 Honda Accord that my mother gave me after I graduated high school. I quickly learned that early nineties Japanese “sports” cars were much cooler, so I purchased the pile of shit that I own today, a ’92 Nissan 240sx. Now, thanks to a Toyota motor, it provides heaps of fun, unlike that lousy KA24DE that resided under the hood for centuries. I kid. The KA was magic for years. 🙂


15. “What happens if you eat only corn for 24 hours? Will you guys eat corn for 24 hours? That would be a fucking article.” Nate Deck – San Diego, California


Shreeve: Weirdly enough, as I read this question, I thought of Nate.


Pitts: I love you Nate. I’d absolutely eat corn for 24 hours. Let’s do it.


Bohan: 24 hours isn’t a very long time. I don’t think anything bad would happen. I’d do it.


Ayala: Can I pop it first?


16. “Shawty shawty how you get so fly?” Kyle Pope – Phoenix, Arizona


Kyle MotherFucking Pope, you gotta know it’s “suga suga,” not “shawty shawty”, but I’ll play this game…


Doing what we do, watching screens getting high
Gurl you keep it so fly with you sweet hunnybuns
You was there when the money was gone
You’ll be there when the money comes
Off top I can’t lie I love to get blowed
You my lil’sugar, I’m yo little chulo
And every time we kick it it’s off to the groovy
Treat you like my sticky ickey or my sweet oowy goowy (fa real though)


17. “How did you guys get here? How did you get started, what are your goals with the website?” Phillip Adams – Woodbridge, Virginia




Bohan: I used to actually DRIVE at drift events, and use my $200 point and shoot to cover the events for our team website, Eventually I sold my drift cars but still went to all the events in Norcal with my new SLR. I just kept at it, kept refining myself til I was good enough to get hired. Now most people only know me as a photographer. As for the site? The site is just a place to post our adventures. If people like our adventures and that allows us to go on more, then that’s awesome.


Shreeve: I’m a driver first. My goal is to shoot enough events to drive in a fraction as many.


18. “Do you ever get burned out taking photos?” Travis Stern – Parkland, Washington


Ayala: I definitely get tired, but never burned out. I love shooting.


Shreeve: Same as Joe. Everyone gets tired, but Blasters never get burned out.


Bohan: If it’s something really boring and I can’t move around and explore new angles I get pretty sick of it. I’m always down to go shoot something new though.


19. “Whats your favorite ice creams?” Aaron Merritt – Stafford, Virginia


Bohan: I like vanilla with hot fudge. Or chocolate chip mint.


Ayala: Anything brown.


Shreeve: Bubble gum ice cream from Food4Less in Medford is the very best. Ask Ian Dillon.


20. “How did you and Shreeve meet, and what inspired the both of y’all to getting into photography/videography?” Thien Ngo – Houston, Texas


Shreeve: Oddly enough, we met at an ex-girlfriend’s house of mine. We were both into cars and I told him about this new “drifting” thing I’d heard of. Weeks later, we met again in a Subway and discussed the amazing Tandems of Die we would have with each other and our endless love blossomed.


21. “What are the four elements of hip hop, which is your favorite and why?” Alex Nostalgic – San Francisco, California


Bohan: Rapping/MCing, DJing, breakdancing, and graffiti. As a musician, I enjoy rapping and DJing the most. DJing, and especially sampling, gets such a bad rap for being uncreative compared to playing other “traditional” instruments…but what no one ever mentions is how sampling, either intentionally or unintentionally, preserves and propagates older music. How many songs would you never have heard of if they hadn’t been sampled in more modern music? It makes the culture more cohesive and glues the branches to the roots.”


Shreeve: What Bohan said.


22. “What’s your favorite era of racing as a whole, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, etc.?” Eric Delaney – Pinckney, Michigan


Bohan: Formula 1 was pretty epic in the ’70s, but I think Group B rally in the ’80s would be my favorite.


Shreeve: Honestly, the older the better. Seeing video of racing back nearly as far dated as video itself thrills me the most.


23. “Which weighs more? A) All of the trees cut down to make U.S. dollars in one year or B) All of the trains traveling through Grand Central Station in one year?” Naffets Suam – Napa, California


Bohan: They are equal.


24. “What’s a Nubian?” Roger Iu, Campbell, California


Bohan: A Nubian is a member of the ethnic group that originated in Nubia, along the Nile in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. They were famous for their extensive trade network and great wealth. Brand Nubian was a hip hop group from New York, known for their socially conscious lyrics. They were together from 1989 to 1996. The name Brand Nubian is obviously a play on the phrase “brand new” but maybe they picked Nubian not just because they were black, but because the Nubians were wealthy and rappers stereotypically love money and gold.


25. “Your thoughts on technique versus equipment?” Paulo Acoba, Merced, California


Shreeve: Bohan’s technique cannot be bought.


Bohan: You need both. Sure, you can use a Rebel and a kit lens and get fantastic composition or brilliant lighting or an emotional scene, bot those things would look a LOT better with a 1D and a fast prime. The flipside is also true though. You can produce boring, out of focus garbage just as easily with a 1D and fast prime as you can with a Rebel and kit lens. The kit lens would never have the creamy bokeh of nice piece of L glass though. It’s just not possible. I’m not sure about the new Rebels, but the AI Servo function on my XT wasn’t fast enough for motorsports. So you need good technique AND good equipment if you want to make the best images possible.
-Life Blasters

13 thoughts on “Questions from Our Readers

  1. “You have to live a fun and rewarding life and do all the things you want to do.”

    Best answer. <3 Bohan. Strictly no homo.

  2. A girl HAS tried to submit photos to LB, ME, but Geoff says my pics aren’t good enough. 🙁 I still have an older Canon point and click. One time I took it out to take a pic of Geoff and Bohan (Bohan was all drugged up after shoulder surgery), and he asked me what it was! In all honesty, Geoff is right. Besides, girls are for making sandwiches.

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