Breaking News: Odi Bakchis hits hard

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odi bakchis crash formula drift las vegasEarly in tonight’s Formula DRIFT practice session, Nexen driver Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis made hard contact with the wall. Odi reported earlier that he was sore, but uninjured. His car is damaged beyond immediate repair, but all is not lost for Bakchis, who is currently sitting 10th in the championship.

odi bakchis crash formula drift las vegasWe caught up with Odi for a quick comment regarding the incident and whether or not he will be able to complete the weekend. “The car seems like it’s done, but we’re waiting to hear an official word from the FD tech inspectors. We’re currently exploring options to replace the car so we can continue to run. These points are important!”
Check back for more information as it becomes available.
Photos by Bohan

12 thoughts on “Breaking News: Odi Bakchis hits hard

  1. Damn This sucks..!! I would let him borrow my car but its nothing close to FD standards. Hope he finds away. Did anyone get this on video.?

  2. I can’t even say anything funny in my normal dickish manner. Even though it’s just a car and he’s okay… It’s like losing a part of yourself, that last picture really hits home dude.

  3. That sucks pretty bad. It’s a good thing he’s doing ok. I do agree with Om1kron on that last photo; So much emotion! I kind of know how he feels… I hope everything works out.

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