Drift Union’s Trek to All Star Bash

This is the tale of three young men, Logan Noël, Shawn Browne, and Steven Thomposon, in their quest to one of the greatest grassroots drifting events to ever take place on planet earth! 24 hours of driving, 2,266 kilometers, and crossing three American states, the Internet famous purple drift team known as “Drift Union” made their way to All Star Bash 12 in Rosamond, California.

Their journey started in Kelowna, BC, Canada. This trip may look extremely intimidating for some, as they were trailering three cars for one weekend of drift fun, but not to these guys. This would mark their third trip down to ASB! With one quick stop in Washington to pick up drifting’s #1 fanboy, Dylan Evans, They were off to the San Francisco Bay Area for Wednesday night Sonoma Drift.


As soon as the group pulled into California, Shawn got pulled over as he was going almost 20 over the speed limit. He played the Canada card and no tickets were issued.


They finally made it to San Francisco. What is sight seeing without a couple of tandem handstands?


They stayed the night in Sonoma on Tuesday and were ready to rock at Sonoma Drift come Wednesday afternoon.


This was their first time driving at this event. There was a pretty big turnout to see these guys in action.


I asked the guys why Logan usually leads, and why it was they usually run in this specific order. They said that they run from least amount of power to greatest. Putting Logan up front, Shawn in second and Steve coming up in the rear. No homo.


Logan seems to have enough power to me. Maybe it’s because he’s a better driver than the Steve and Shawn?


Whatever the reason may be, it works. These chassis are a match made in heaven. They were built for each other.


I left the event a little early, while the trio drifted into the night.


The next day, the team left the Bay Area and headed down to southern California to stay with DTA founder Johan ‘Yo’ Esbensen.


While down there, they paid a trip to the DTA headquarters in Venice.


My trip down to Willow Springs International Raceway started at 5AM Saturday morning. As I hit I-5 around 6AM, I saw the sun rising up beyond the fields of Eastern California. As it peaked up over the horizon I let out a triumphant “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SOWHENYAAAAAA MAAMAAABEEEEETSEBABAAA!!!


Six hours later, I arrived to the track and met up with the purple dudes.


They were very eager to hit the track, so not long after my arrival, they began to deconstruct their tires.


With over 100 registered drivers for All Star Bash, the event was divided up into four run groups to provide everyone with a nice even flow of driving time.


As great as these cars look driving together, would you have expected them to look quite as good driving by themselves?



What’s cool about ASB is that everyone is down to drive with each other. The season is just about over so all everyone wants to do is get out to the track and have some fun!


During the three hour break between open drift and team tandem competition, I walked around the Drift Union pits to get a closer look at their whips.


I asked Logan if he grips wood grain when he’s switchin’ lanes. He said, “Damn yeah!” But I wonder if he was wood grain grippin’ when his candy paint was drippin. Hmmmm…….


I think Steve may have my absolute favorite Lexus SC ever. Sure there are some prettier ones and even lower ones, but I dare you to find a lower SC that rips harder than him. I double dare you!


During this time, I asked them if they had taken any photos of their journey. Dylan Evans told me he had been shooting the event with his FujiFilm Instax camera! I can’t explain tell you how rad these photos are. I demanded that he scanned and uploaded them for everyone to see. THE WORLD MUST SEE!!!


So he did! What a guy!



At this point, these guys have already put their cars through quite some abuse, Shawn even snapped his ebrake handle! I guess he just drives harder than you!


Logan received these scars back up at Sonoma with a close encounter with the wall.


As the sun was about to sent, I asked them if they could pull their cars up to the track so I could take a few shots of them away from the pits.


If these cars weren’t bruised and dinged up, then their drivers would not be doing their jobs.


I wouldn’t have them any other way. Not to say that these guys don’t care about the looks of their cars, they do. It’s very important to them, but it’s also way more important for them to drive them as hard as they can and have the best time with each other.


As we all know, paint is not cheap. However, they are able to paint their cars once a year to look nice and pretty for the season. They also have cans of spray paint the exact same color, so they can do touch ups whenever needed.


It seems as though Shawn has caught the handstand bug.


Soon, it was time to begin the Team Tandem Competition.


Drift Union was looking really consistent throughout the entire weekend.


Jaws dropped as Drift Union executed perfect tandem lines run after run. It’s not surprising though, as they team has over five years of driving together under their belts.


They ended up winning their second consecutive Team Tandem award at ASB, making them the greatest team the world has ever known.


At the trophy presentation the next day I was present without a camera, or phone, or shoes as I found myself locked out of my car. I stepped outside to stretch and the powerful wind the track had been seeing all day shut it right behind me! I stuck around for some more driving but after a few hours, Drift Union started packing up and and got ready begin their trek back to Canada.


I think this is the only time they drove this whole week while not in their normal tandem order.


I don’t know many people who will drive across an entire country for just a couple days of drifting, that is not a professional event of course. These are a few guys who really know what it’s all about. They build rad cars to have rad hangs in rad places. They definitely know how to keep it fun and I don’t think that will be changing any time soon. Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope you enjoyed. Maybe Tandem of Die will be out there next year to make some rainbow tandems with Drift Union and Hotboyz. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. “Steve coming up in the rear. No homo.” & “I wonder if he was wood grain grippin’ when his candy paint was drippin”

    I’m not gonna lie, i giggled. Pictures are so rad too.

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