ThunderDrift’s “Fulltrack February”

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Last Saturday was ThunderDrift’s Full-Track February event. Upon arrived to the track, I found our favorite red dreaded Formula D dude, Luke Crowell, out rippin’ in his Cressida.


Medford, Oregon’s own Matt Coffman came out to test out his freshly put together S13. It’s hard to believe that only three short months ago, he was here at the track running a KA-T when it blew. Since then, he has managed to replace his 2.4 liter 4 cylinder with a 7 liter V8!


Matt and his crew have built one impressive car. I hope to see them out to compete in the TDProAm series. The car seemed to be performing really well.


That is, until it shut off in the middle of a run.


Matt didn’t seem to worried about hit though. He actually seemed very pleased with how it drove. Looks fun!


Matt Madrigali came out for some full track fun, but not before he took his buddy’s S13 out for a a few runs on the skid pad.


Ian Bowers was also warming up on the dritfpad before he took it out to the track.



Here is the future of automotive photography: The Nintendo DS! And when you’re not taking pictures, you can play Mario Kart with your buddies!


While the grip session was in progress, I went to meet up with Geoff. I found him over at the Kados’ trailer trying to lure Yoshi out of his room with some French fries.


It was so good to see my favorite Polish guy, Mr. Tomasz Olech. I can’t quite remember what he was telling me, other than him saying that something was “that big”.


Geoff soon announced that the drift session was about to start, so Tomasz made his way to his car.


He hadn’t driven at Thunderhill in quite some time, so it was fun to see him out there.


Luke wasn’t the only one out there with a Cressida.


John Corvinus of COR Integration was out in his newly LS1 swapped S13.


He was also testing out a pair of his new roll center knuckles, extended arms, and awesome new sway bar prototype.


They seemed to be doing amazing things for him. Unfortunately he was having some transmission problems, so his day was cut short a little bit.


Matt soon hopped in his 240sx, which we recently featured, and took it for a few runs on the track. He has a new front bumper already!


It always trips me out how big Turn 5 really is! It doesn’t look like it from the pits, but up close, the elevation drop looks cray! Fish fillet!


What’s a Thunder Drift event without Luke Lonberger and his Blu808 Corvette.


I don’t know if I’ve said it yet, but I’ve always thought it. I LOVE Luke’s new paint scheme. It makes the car so much more photogenic.


I mostly like it because the red, white, and blue just scream America!


Just as soon as I arrived, it seemed the day was over. Everyone was loading up and getting ready to head home. Was the seven hours of driving for six hours at the track worth it for me? Absolutely!
:: Ayala

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