I decided I wanted to go shoot some snowboarding, and Joe likes to go snowboarding, so we went up to Sierra at Tahoe for a day of fun. I used to ski, but I’d never snowboarded before, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

The weather was perfect at Tahoe. A storm had just come through in the preceding days, dumping a decent amount of fresh powder, but it was nice and sunny when we got there.


I tried one kiddie run before I decided I’d rather walk the trails than spend the whole day getting good enough to ride them. Unfortunately they don’t let you on the lifts without a board or skis, so I still had to drag my borrowed board around with me all day. The ski patrol guys kept asking me if I was hurt since I was just walking. One even gave me a ride back on his snowmobile!


Back to the task at hand, Joe and I rode a lift up, and he went down and up several times while I hiked down and stopped to shoot here and there. I was looking for cool jumps and stuff like that.


This guy was on a snow skateboard. No bindings, just grip tape and a leash. Awesome.


Further down I found a wall that riders were using like a quarter pipe. This guy came and found us later in the day to see where the photos were going to be. I hope he kept Joe’s business card so he can find the site.


A lot of guys looked like they were avoiding the jump since I was standing right under it.


But some other guys got super excited and made sure they did cool tricks for the camera.


Even Joe got in on that action.


Joe had to have a conference call with Larry and a certain airport about a video, so we stopped for lunch. Hot dogs at the lodge were $7.25 and beers were $6.25! That’s outrageous!


Joe was taking forever so I threw his chips at him.


After lunch we went up a different lift. The trail we took down this time had bigger jumps. I saw a little kid eat it pretty hard off this one. He learned not to go between the flags anymore!


We should have hired this girl to be the Snow Blasterette. We wouldn’t have had to provide the wardrobe!


Joe likes high speed stuff as well as doing tricks.


It turns out shooting skiing and snowboarding is a lot like shooting drifting. You find a good spot and hang out there for a while, waiting for the best guys to keep coming by. Some guys make more “smoke” than others too!


And some guys crash hard. At least when someone crashes on the mountain there’s not 30 minutes of downtime like at the track.


I can’t wait til next time!

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