A Day at YAER “Modely Stuff”

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As some of you know, our long awaited Tandem of Die x Attack Works Zombie Unicorn t-shirts have finally come in. Justin and I had planned to hire a model to wear our shirt in a photoshoot to help promote it.

Ryan Davis was kind enough to let use the YAER studio. With all the cameras and lighting equipment to our disposal, we were very excited to get to work. This was the first time I’ve been able to use a real studio and strobes, and I was very excited to learn.


The best candidate for the modeling job was our friend Annie Anaya. She’s the one standing behind the dirty blonde haired chick.


There was no time to waste. We were soon barking orders at Annie to do “modely stuff”


Here is our new t-shirt, designed by our good friend Sam Mercado of AttackWorks. Sam is a pretty rad and talented dude, so you should read his feature again.


Recently, I’ve been following NYC based photographer Terry Richardson. I’m a big fan of his work and I draw a lot of inspiration from him. After the first couple of photos using Ryan’s awesome lighting equipment, I was hooked on it.




While I spent my time shooting photos, Justin was hard at work on filming a short video on our shoot. We should see it up in the next couple of days.


Fuzz canceled all of his appointments for the day to come down to YAER and hang out.


We then gave Annie a camera to mess around with, but she didn’t have a clue what to do with it!


But she got the hang of it after a while.



She didn’t do too bad.


Then I decided to put Justin in front of my camera. He was about as comfortable being a model as Annie was a photographer.


So I busted out the fan to get some super awesome modely hair blowings!


He didn’t think it was working too well for him so he went and did something he was a little bit more familiar with.


Then it was Fuzz’s turn. Fuzz is usually pretty comfortable around cameras,


but today, he was feeling a little shy.


After a few hours, we were getting pretty hungry, so we started to wrap things up and get the last few shots we needed.


After finishing up the our shot list, I grabbed Ryan’s 100mm macro for a close up shot. Annie didn’t like that too much though.


Before we left, Justin wanted to put on an extra small shirt on to get the “rockstar” look, but he ended up just looking really stupid. If you like the shirts, pick one up at the Tandem of Die Store. Hope you all liked the post!

:: Ayala

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