Tandem of Die x Attackworks Photoshoot Video

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If you’re a die hard Life Blasters fan, (let’s face it – who isn’t?) you already know that thanks to the help of Samuel Mercado of Attackworks Clothing, mine and Joe’s vision of zombie unicorns on fire is now a reality. Sam went far above our expectations with this design and we are ecstatic to finally release the t-shirts. Last Saturday, we made a visit to the YAER Productions studio with the sole purpose of getting Annie Anaya’s pants off. Oh, and to shoot our rad new shirts. Here’s Joe’s photo set.


Who am I kidding? No one is going to read this after seeing the thumbnail of Annie in her undies. Just watch the damn video.


– Shreeve


Tandem of Die x Attackworks Zombie Unicorn T-Shirts are now available at HERE. Pick yours up today and help support our 2012 adventures!


Shot by:
Justin Shreeve


Edit/Color by:
Justin Shreeve


Audio track:
Smoke and Mirrors
Making Mirrors


Joe Ayala


Annie Anaya


YAER Productions Studio

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