People Get Ready

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Long Beach is only two weeks away, and a lot of teams are scrambling to get their cars ready in time. Conrad needed new graphics so I went down to his personal shop in Monterey to make that happen. This year’s design is only a little bit different from last year’s, but it’s still a good amount of work to get it all done. Taking vinyl off can actually take longer than putting it on, depending on what it was stuck to.

Conrad had to abandon his rear-mount radiator idea because of difficulties with suppliers. That meant the ducts in the windows went to nothing, so he decided to get new windows.
The next day I went to Blu808 to finish up Gabe’s car. Jeff Jordan was there doing the wiring. I feel like I’ve taken this photo before…
The trunk area is pretty awesome. It’s all business back there. Nothing but fuel cell, battery, and some wiring.
Last week, Marcus tried to use gasoline to put out a fire and burned himself pretty bad. Real smooth, Marcus.
Luke’s Corvette is getting a new engine soon, but in the meantime he had to get his new truck ready. This full size Volvo will do a lot better than his old Freightliner.
Since the trailer is a gooseneck the guys had to add a hitch to the truck in order to hook it up. Works pretty well!
Back inside Gabe’s car was just about finished. This should be enough to drive all you Forza guys crazy!
Jeff finished up in the trunk and moved to the engine bay.
He likes to plan out every last detail so his wiring is perfect. Either that or he’s practicing for Draw Something.
The California Lottery Mega Millions was up to $190,000,000 so everyone bought tickets. The atmosphere was tense as Wally read out the winning numbers. Luke and Josh has each promised to give the other $1M if either one of them had won. Josh told me he’d buy me a brand new Camry and swap a 2JZ and complete RWD drivetrain into it. Neither one of them was even close to winning. Bummer.

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