Rob Primo’s Freestyle Livery by Factory83

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When Pacific Northwest Original Gangsters (OGs, if you will) Rob Primozich and Ian Dillon invited me up to see the new livery being applied to Rob’s 2JS14, they hardly imagined I would make the drive up from Oregon for the occasion, but once Little Caesars and Coors Light entered the equation, I couldn’t say no. I’m an A-goddamn-murican after all. Needless to say, they were surprised and delighted that I made the journey all the way to Northern Washington and rewarded my lengthy drive with this beautifully posed scene.

By the time I arrived, Ian had already laid down a considerable amount of vinyl. At this point, I had no idea what the end goal for this livery was and, much to my surprise, neither did they! Ian Dillon is an incredibly talented graphic designer who, more often than not, creates his most original and exciting works on the fly. Ian’s design for my 2010 Shreeve Films DVD cover blew my mind and I cannot wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve for Tandem of Die!


Contributing to my amazement at this “freestyle” livery was the presence of a large plotter on a table off to the side. I hadn’t thought of it until that point, but if you’re going to create a livery off the top of your head in someone’s garage, you’re going to need to cut fresh stickers. This chrome green vinyl makes up the smallest Xs, as well as the background to many of the sponsor logos.


If you’re still wondering what FACTORY83 is, let me break it down for you. It’s very simple. Ian Dillon is FACTORY83. He’s the man behind the best graphic designs and liveries in the Pacific Northwest. He doesn’t stop there though. His reach extends as far as Robbie Nishida and Daigo Saito’s 2012 Formula Drift vehicles, as well as Dag Harlem’s Team Yellow 2JS15. Look for his work this year. It’s everywhere.


After saying our long awaited hellos, Ian was back to work laying hundreds of droplets and Xs to Rob’s Evergreen Drift ProAm S14, as well as applying the logos of Garage Autohero, Ten Gun, Falken Tire, NOS Energy, John Reed Racing, and Portland Speed Industries, to name a few.


There truly is never a dull moment when working around this witty little man, but he quickly tired of my distractions and expressed his feelings in the most polite way imaginable.


Excuse me – LEAST polite way imaginable.


Ian tells me all his exes live in Texas. I think this is a hip-hop reference. Anyone know what he’s talking about? [It’s a country song by George Strait -Bohan]


Rob’s kouki S14 has seen many stages over the last several years and I must say, I am most excited for this one. The 2JZ-GTE built by Garage Autohero and tuned by John Reed seems to be in good shape, making a solid 570whp, and the vehicle itself demands more attention than ever before. The powder-coated fluorescent green TE37s and matching vinyl come together for a stunning visual presence.


Not to mention the fire-breathing “Angry Sloth” on the passenger side. This livery almost has a snowboarding feel to it, which is appropriate, considering Rob’s undying love for fresh pow-pow. (Is that the correct terminology, Joe? haha)


I’m pretty sure Ian posed for this shot, but I like to think he was imagining his how incredible his Tandem of Die tattoo is going to be.


Entirely unnecessary photo of Rob’s wheels, because who in their right mind doesn’t love Regamasters and TE37s?


Been hearing this name everywhere lately. If you’re in the Northwest and in need of a killer tune, hit up John Reed. In the background, Ian gleefully prepares to vinyl wrap my face.


As seen above, the amount of vinyl thrown away nearly outweighs that which is used. At one point, we were left with a strip large enough to cover almost the entire front of my body. Shortly after, I made the trip back down to Seattle to edit photos and prepare for NissanFest the following day.


Ian, on the other hand, stayed up until 8am finishing his work. The results are pretty outstanding, if you ask me.


This is what you get when a skilled and dedicated designer has a day with your car. A full livery from nothing in under 24 hours.


I was even told that he never went to bed and was at the track, supporting his many friends fighting for the Northwest Nissans Evergreen Drift ProAm and Formula Drift sponsorships, but no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find the little bastard!


I asked Rob and Yoshi, but they were too busy jawlzing all over the new graphics and sipping on a refreshing Charged Citrus NOS Energy Drink. *No shame.*


Come to find out, he was attempting to take a nap in Rob’s driver seat. That or creeping on chicks’ rear bumpers. You be the judge.


Primo has been a part of the Northwest drifting community since 2004. The combination of a crowd favorite local driving a course he’s known for many years in a car that grabs everyone’s attention foreshadows an amazing year for Mr. Primozich. I can’t wait to see how he does. Follow Rob on Facebook HERE!


Ian doesn’t seem too concerned about any of that though. He’s on to the next one. Send an email to for quotes on all your graphic design needs! Also, like FACTORY83 on Facebook to stay up to date on all Ian’s projects.




– Shreeve




9 thoughts on “Rob Primo’s Freestyle Livery by Factory83

  1. Awesome stuff Justin Shreeve, hope to see more of you this year. Unlike you everywhere i went yesterday i was running into that talented little bastard. Everyone at Evergreen is beyond excited that Primo is not going to Alaska this year and will run the full schedule. Next year, i think we lose the tall one to the big show and i am ok with that.

  2. Absolutely!

    haha Yeah, he’s quite the character. And I too can’t wait to see Primo more this year. Stoked to be supporting his 2012 program.

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