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uff da 001In the small town of Stanwood, located in northwest Washington between Seattle and the Canadian border, one can find an overwhelming Scandinavian presence. Aside from the Sons of Norway hall and street names like Lindstrom and Jensen, there are a number of quirkier indications of its early settlers’ roots. One of the more obvious signs on the way through town is that of Viking Village, an old shopping plaza between the highway and Viking Way. One of the stores in Viking Village is of course the Uff Da Shoppe.

uff da 002Next to the Uff Da Shoppe is the Viking Restaurant, with its back-room lounge the Fjord Room, but that’s another post entirely…
uff da 004Inside the Uff Da Shoppe is a plethora of Scandinavian souvenirs.
uff da 005The term uff da is Norwegian in origin, and, like many slang words, has a variety of uses. In America it’s used as an expression of surprise, exhaustion, or relief, and its the only Norwegian word American Vikings know. One might come home after a long day of work, plop down on the couch, and say “uff da!” In Norway it’s usually used as a response to something mildly bad happening. You might open the refrigerator and say, “Uff da! We’re out of beer!”
uff da 006Around Christmastime, there’s plenty of Jul stuff to buy.
uff da 007Just in case you need a Norwegian flag on a stick, here’s fifty for four bucks.
uff da 013The Uff Da Shoppe is definitely the place to go for everything Scandinavian. Most of the stuff is pretty good quality too.
uff da 014Good thing I’m only 1/4 Norwegian, or I might have to eat lutefisk  They serve lutefisk at the Sons of Norway hall sometimes.
uff da 015Maybe you want a tacky coffee mug? The Uff Da Shoppe has you covered.
uff da 016I’m not sure what’s in Uff Da hot sauce but if it was invented by the same guys who invented lutefisk it can’t be good.
uff da 018Troll Turds don’t sound very appetizing either.
uff da 024A small velkommen sign is common enough, but in the 90s there was a big “Velkommen til Stanwood” sign at the edge of town. That’s how much Norwegian influence there is.
uff da 028I know some guys who need this sign for sure.
uff da 031Sandi Lindbeck owns and operates the Uff Da Shoppe and she makes sure to fresh, locally baked lefse available on Fridays and Saturdays! Her father, Harry Lindbeck was a famous accordion player and entrepreneur and her grandfather was Norwegian immigrant Alf Lindbeck. There’s no denying her authenticity and place in Stanwood’s history!
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3 thoughts on “The Uff Da Shoppe

  1. Dear Sandi Lindbeck.

    My name is Jon Ulrik Wullum and I am a hobby genealogist. Nils Kjørum Knutsen is my great-uncle, his sister, Ragna, being my grandmother.
    I found your name in something that was written after Harry’s death. He travelled to Smøla and visited my family sometime in the 1970s.

    I am currently trying to find Nils’ date of death, and both the date of birth and date of death for his wife Anna. I am also interested in their wedding date, and I was hoping you could help me fill in some of these dates.

    Jon Ulrik Wullum

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