ATL – Slammed Society Car Show

slamsociety-1Almost every stop on the Formula DRIFT tour features a Hellaflush Slammed Society car show, put on by our friends at Fatlace. We rarely cover car shows because none of our staff are enamored by them, and as you know if you’ve read our About LB page, we only cover stuff that we like. Here, blasterfans, is a rare exception wherein we decided to cover this event just for you, the fans. We hope you enjoy these photos!

FCHellaflush has been a big name in car shows since their introduction to the Formula DRIFT paddock in 2010.

FCHere’s a really clean Mazda RX-7 FC that Joe liked.

slamsociety-8Here’s a really clean Honda S2000 repping some JimmyUp love all the way in Georgia. I think it’s looks could be vastly improved with deeper wheels, especially the fronts.

slamsociety-9Here’s the airbag crew

slamsociety-10…lead by a slammed vintage Mercedes-Benz.

slamsociety-11I wonder if the previous owner died in the car? There’s obviously a whole lot of stink to cover up!

slamsociety-2See, S2000 guy? This is what I’m talking about. The wheels on this Acura were so wide he needed 45° of negative camber just to clear the wheel wells. That’s dedication.

slamsociety-3I really liked the race-inspired look of this Mazda Miata, but what was it doing in a car show? This car belongs on a track!

slamsociety-4I especially like the white Work Meister S1s it’s sporting.

slamsociety-5I understand the general theory behind show cars, but this Lexus GS puzzled me just a bit.

slamsociety-6I like the Junction Produce VIP goodies, like the curtains and cupholders and the Gintsuna knot which is symbolic of the ancient Japanese Danjiri Matsuri… but why does it have A-pillar gauges? To me, A-pillar gauges say “race car” and all the other stuff says “high-end luxury.” Why try to mix the two?

slamsociety-7Have you ever seen a fast car with a suede trunk and molded subwoofer boxes? Well kids, there’s a first time for everything.

1In conclusion, I left the Slammed Society show more puzzled about show cars than when I entered. Some of these cars are truly works of art, but many leave me with a big question mark in my head. What do you think about show cars?


Photos by Pitts & Ayala

2 thoughts on “ATL – Slammed Society Car Show

  1. a comment on the GS – it DOES have a front mount so the pillar gauges are allowed only for that reason. gotta get that up to date data! ^_^
    Having sport/power mods with vip luxury is huge in japan.

  2. I was surfing the web and I came across a picture of my Datsun truck in this coverage, I would like to thank the guy who took the picture , that means my truck caught his eye lol you can follow me for more pics of this Datsun 620 truck at FB @Lil Hustler or IG @og_lilhustler thanks!!

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