East Coast Bash

1 You ever have one of those moments where you just make a snap decision to go somewhere last minute? Well that’s exactly how I ended up at East Coast Bash In New Jersey on a hot Saturday morning.

My friend Matt and I left Michigan Friday night at 10:30 and drove through the night to get to Raceway Park in Jersey hoping to catch as much action as we could. After a quick run through the parking lot and pits, we made it trackside just in time to see Drift Alliance go out for a run.

3This was the first time I’ve ever been to a sanctioned drifting event, so seeing the cars from the BloodMasters videos in real life was quite the experience to remember. Even if they were just a bunch of beaten up and broken Nissans, and one Foxbody Mustang.

4Aside from Drift Alliance, I was totally out of my element with the drivers and cars, but the black BMW E46 of Andy Sapp was one car that I recognized instantly. Although, I only saw him for a couple runs before some mechanical damage took him out for the weekend.

5There seemed to be a new class at East Coast Bash: Time Attack. This Porsche 911 was down on the grid and getting some runs in between everything else. I’m pretty sure I did see him sideways a couple times. With a Porsche like that, it looks good doing anything.

6Off track, there was a constant flurry of cars getting ready to go out, finishing their runs, and getting some work done. One of the cleanest cars during the weekend was this S15.

7As with any automotive event, there’s always something breaking on something. It struck me over the weekend that rally and drifting aren’t too different. Aside from both always being sideways, but both have similar privateer sectors. Since both are really driven by the up and coming privateers, it’s an atmosphere that you don’t get in the major motor sports like NASCAR or Open Wheel.

8Some teams are even more grassroots than others. Just fill the back of the truck up with tires and a few key extra parts and you’re set.

9-1Even Ryan Tuerck was out working on his “Tuerck’d” car. I’ve never been so star struck by such a beat up ratty old car.

9The fifteen52 Tarmacs were so out of place on the old Nissan. Being a fellow S13 pignose owner, It was cool seeing the old front end still (barely) hanging on.

10If actual drifting wasn’t exciting enough for you, there was an RC drifting course set up just behind the grandstands. I’ve seen the videos of these things, but seeing them in person it’s amazing how smoothly they slide.

11-1I love the parking lots at any car related event, and this was no disappointment. Our original plan was to go to the Slammed Society show in Chicago, but this was the best of both worlds.

11Back on course, one of the amateur groups were out on track. Ryan Tuerck came out to see his own car running.

12Not too sure who was out at the moment in the S13, but they were laying down a good cloud of smoke behind them.

13We decided to head to the hotel mid afternoon to check in and cool off and wait until night. When we got back, Andy’s car was still in same spot it was since the late morning, with a determined tent behind it.

14The massive fence in front of the grandstand made the shooting a little hard for the fans, so some just made their own way of getting around, or over the fence.

15It seems like no matter what the discipline, motor racing looks better at night. The tire smoke being lit up by the following cars headlights, and the overall atmosphere just seemed electric.

16Not everybody had an easy night, Mauricio from the Los Goonies Tribe had a little off, which knocked off decent amount of his body panels. All a part of East Coast Bash.

17I’m not sure who was driving this S14, but during the night he was trying his hardest to get a reverse entry. He came close a few times, and dug his wheel into the dirt once too.

18With the 10pm curfew coming quick, Forsberg and Gittin did a few more runs to finish off the night.

19With of course some tandem donuts.

20-1The pits were filled with the battered and beaten cars from the long day of drifting. Some were getting work done, others were still clean, and others still were broken beyond repair.

20Like Dougal Mastromonico’s 240. Looks like he tagged the wall pretty hard with the front right taking him out for the rest of the weekend. And what did he have to say but, “It’s why we come here!”

21The next morning at the local gas station, the Breaking RX-7 pulled in. It’s an odd thing in New Jersey, you can’t pump your own gas. I found that interesting to say the least, although throughout the weekend this gas station was almost a car show in itself.

22Vaughn Gittin, Jr. brought out his Fox Body Mustang for the fun with the other Drift Alliance members. Aside from his Mustang, Tony Angelo was the only other one not in a 240. It’s pretty cool seeing Fox Body as a drift car instead of the usual drag car.

23Being Gittin, he had no shortage of tires. Also having his own RTR wheels on hand was pretty nice too.

24There was something about this M3 with yellow BBS mesh wheels that I loved. Even if slammed BMWs are “played out,” I have to admit they do look good when being used right.

25The Grip Royal S13 was one of the most eye catching cars in the paddock. With the massive front slicks and over fender flares, this thing was wide. Not to mention the wing.

26It seems as the day went on, people where pushing harder and harder. This RX-7 even hit the three wheel motion.

27The blue and yellow from the night before was still out throwing down massive entries throughout the day. I’m pretty sure he had one of the largest steering angles out of everybody, he was using it all too.

28After half a day of shooting, we decided it was time to head out. I’ve always watched drifting on the computer and TV, but after seeing it first hand, I want to see more. Plus, how can you not love a slammed Silvia sideways halfway off the track?

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