All Star Bash 2013

Hey Blasterfans, here’s a piece from our newest Guest Blaster, Louis Yio of Alhambra, California. He made the drive up to Willow Springs for ASB a couple weeks ago, and we hope you enjoy his take on it!

0Every year around mid-October, a bunch of goofs gather up on a desert racetrack in the middle of nowhere to go sideways in their cars for an entire weekend. These goofs call it All Star Bash.

1I’ve been attending All Star Bash (ASB) since 2011 and I have become one of those goofs. ASB is essentially a drift weekend at the famous Willow Springs International Raceway where amateur and professional drifters gather up and drift non-stop for an entire weekend. The smell of tire smoke, engines, burnt rubber, and awesomeness surrounds the track for two days.

2ASB is the perfect event for professionals like Odi Bakchis to cool down and just enjoy the sport after months of competing in Formula Drift.

3Some of the pros such as the recently crowned 2013 Formula Drift champion Michael Essa bring their beater/missile cars to thrash around the track.

4ASB has been around since 2007 and it grows each and every year. It’s now become one of the top grassroots drift events in the world. The majority of the people there are there to have fun, drink (beer), and just drift.

5The interesting thing about ASB is that the drivers, both professional and amateur, push their cars to their limits.

6Sometimes the cars are pushed a bit too hard.

7Some of you may have heard of the Streetsharkin FC RX-7. It’s very hard to miss with its fighter jet wing. It spent all weekend slaying tires in tandem with…

8Justin Pawlak’s FC RX-7, which is just as beautiful.

9Saturday night of ASB is surrounded by the smell of Sunday barbeques.

10Groups all over the pits have their own barbeques right before the team tandem competition. The music, the beef, the beer, and the people make the entire place welcoming for everyone.

11Then it’s time for tandem.

12Night tandem during All Star Bash is as amazing as it gets. All the drivers go just as hard, if not harder, than they did during the day. Some guys, like Hert, get insane amounts of angle (and probably enter Overdrift).

13Cars went door to door and some people, like Matt Field, lost a door or two. You can see him literally holding onto his door. He later yanked it off and threw it at a group of media personnel.

14After two hours of complete madness, the track lights turn off and the engines take a little nap. At this point, the kids go to sleep and the adults’ night begins (they get drunk).

15People wake up on Sunday to discover the mistakes they’ve made the night before.

16The winning team from the team tandem competition the night before, Animal Style (aka No Bumpers Crew), was hard asleep before the morning’s wake up call.

17Horse Thief Mile opens up on Sunday, allowing drivers to get really close during their tandems. They even line up and get tandem trains going, just to make it that much more fun for everyone.

18More drivers, such as Ken Gushi, come on Sunday for even more fun. For the rest of Sunday, until sunset, drifters slay their tires on the Streets of Willow and Horse Thief Mile.

19Until next time, I’ll catch you later.
-Louis Yio
Here are some extra photos he threw in:

























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