Smashterpiece Theatre: One S14, Animal Style


juliansmasho-42-4I caught up with Julian Jacobs of Drift Team Animal Style to see how badly his car was smashed up after All Star Bash a few weekends ago, and let me tell you it’s not the specimen pictured above. Fear not, ye of little faith! The repairs are underway, and the car will be in full glory, finished and painted with a cherry on top in the not-too-distant future.

juliansmasho-11Julian is a special sort of drifter. He has been pouring sweat and blood into the sport for years now, all in the name of having fun. He has spent every penny and every free hour of the day building awe-inspiring drifting monsters like his current S14 only to take them out and enjoy them so much they come home in pieces. “Touching not crushing” is Animal Style’s mantra when it comes to tandem drifting, and as you’ll see in this article, they err on the side of crushing.

juliansmasho-42So here’s the synopsis of the damage:

juliansmasho-13He bent the lips of both of his 18×10 -20 SSR Gartmaiers.

juliansmasho-42-3Smashed the exhaust, and cracked the over-fender. “From when Ryan [Kado] hit me during team tandem” says Julian.

juliansmasho-43A nice wheel mark in the door, also from Ryan Kado. You can see this one happen towards the end of BKP‘s film embedded earlier.

juliansmasho-5This bar is part of his tubular front-end system and makes up a significant part of the hoop that holds the oil coolers on both sides. Oh yeah, and it used to be straight.

juliansmasho-3That’s one way to make a fender fit! Wear through it!

juliansmasho-6That dirt on the cam gears is from the Horse Thief Mile course at WSIR. I wonder how much of it got sucked into the turbo!

juliansmasho-2Jacobs: The game-ender was on Sunday at Horse Thief Mile. It was our third lap into the session, and Ryan was leading. He did something I rarely see him do… spin out. I spun to avoid him, and then Baby Jason [Bostrom] slid into the front of my car.

juliansmasho-7Jacobs continued: It’s funny though, all the damage on the rear of my car is from Ryan hitting me with his front wheels. The damage to the car overall is minimal. The only thing structural I broke was a few steering parts. All of my Max suspension parts held strong. The other thing is, I always have bad luck with engines, and after all that abuse my engine still puts out almost 500hp! I’m stoked about that!

juliansmasho-4Fortunately Julian’s car made it through the weekend sustaining only aesthetic damages, and its underlying structure was kept intact.

juliansmasho-10He says in the years he has been attending All Star Bash, he has never made it past the third lap on the second day of the event. I think maybe in 2014 you should just drive around slow for the third lap, Julian. Haha.



Extra photos/video by Joe Ayala & Brandon Kado

IG: @Blasterforce1 – @Joe_Ayala – @BKado36 – @LifeBlasters

One thought on “Smashterpiece Theatre: One S14, Animal Style

  1. I like this guys style!! A real inspiration to me. Ironically my name is Julian and all my friends nicknamed me Jacob. XD And his car has my favorite motor in it! His driving is smooth yet agressive and is just awesome to look at.

    The car style is simple yet mean. Its like the perfect combination of missle/competition/slammed car!! He somehow was able to take all 3 elements and turn it into this awesome machine!

    Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do something like this and who knows even drift with him, Ryan and the others in the future. Its my goal and I will accomplish it no matter what!! ^_____^

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