Questions from our Readers #3

1. “What’s the best low light lens for motorsports photography?” -Daniel Vicente, Orlando, Florida

Pitts: Canon L, or Nikon equivalent.

Bohan: Not all Canon L’s are good for low light. 100-400 is a terrible lens. The primes are good though. 24, 35, 50, 85, 135, 200, 300, 400, and 600 are all awesome. If you have to choose zooms, the 2.8’s are what’s up.

Wong: 400 2.8

2. “Coke or Pepsi” -Emil David Garcia, Ives Estates, Florida

Delaney: RC.

Bohan: Coke.

Pitts: Water.

Lapinski: Water…but if I had to choose, Coke.

Ayala & Shreeve: IPA.

Bohan: Put rum in my Coke, please.

Wong: Whiskey. Or scotch. I don’t judge.

3. “What’s the best Canon camera body to use for drifting?” -Emma Yvette, Moorpark, California

Bohan: The one you have with you.

Delaney: 1D Mark IIN. That’s really all I use for racing.

Ayala: 1D X.

Pitts: Whatever Larry Chen has.

Lapinski: The one you can afford, any camera is better than no camera…but 1D Mark IV or 7D since I own them.

Wong: 1D X.

4. “Tuck tire or tuck rim?” -Sylas Gissendaner, Yuma, Arizona

Bohan: Tuck brake rotors.

Pitts: Psh, brake rotors. Tuck lug nuts.

Bohan: I meant tuck the whole rotor.

5. “Who’s on first?” -Chuck Vasquez, Grants Pass, Oregon

Bohan: Yes.

Pitts: Also yes.

Shreeve: I don’t know

Ayala: Justin, I don’t know is on third.

Wong: I am.

6. “Do you really have to pee in a girls mouth to make babies?” -T.J. Grams, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Bohan: I don’t, but you might.

7. “What do you think of the canon GH2? And do you plan you Donating to the “Allen’s 86 is slow as piss” foundation this year?” -Allen W Saylor Jr., Grove City, Ohio

Pitts: I’ve never heard of a Canon GH2. And no, but I do plan on donating next year.

Wong: Panasonic GH2? Awesome bang for the buck camera as far as video goes.

8. “Dude where’s my car!” -Chayan Gonzalez, Yuma, Arizona

Bohan: Where’s your car, dude?

9. “Tits or ass?” -Elysha Lee, San Francisco, California

Lapinski: Ass.

Delaney: Tits. Haha.

Bohan: Why not both?

10. “What does it take to be a Life Blaster?” – Brady Wood, Duncannon, Pennyslvania

Bohan: Be good at photography and go shoot cool stuff and write about it. That’s it, really.

Delaney: I’d say an interest in all things automotive, from rally to NASCAR to drifting and shows from hot rods to imports. And also just an interest in traveling and doing or trying things that aren’t the norm.

Lapinski: It takes the ability to be awesome and do awesome things, while pushing yourself to be more awesome. Accepting criticism from your fellow Blasters because in the end they only want you to be more awesome. Don’t ever stop trying to bring the best out of yourself, after an event stop and look at the photos you’ve taken and ask, ‘what could I have done better?’ and continue to improve. Nothing bad ever came from improvement.

11. “Where do babies come from?” -Whobenall Gallegos, Oakland, California

Bohan: To quote the great Snoop Dogg, “From fuckin.”

12. “How can I get into Motorsports photography at a professional level?” -Jeremy Headlee, Riverside, California

Pitts: Spend thousands of dollars on pro gear that you’ll need to even be noticed, then get REALLY REALLY good. Start applying for media credentials to local events for a few years, and then use that experience to apply for media credentials to more serious events. Spend a few years going to those events on your own dime, and then maybe someone will pay you.

Ayala: And make sure your hair looks good.

Wong: Give up your life.

Bohan: It’s not about how good you are. It’s about how hired you are.

13. “Who else do you guys shoot for (like as individuals)?” – Ryan Guanlao Morgan, Sinjana, Guam

Pitts: I make donuts.

Bohan: In drifting, I shoot for Grunewald, Mordaunt, and Mertzanis this year. I’ve worked with companies like Hankook and Toyota in the past. In rally I do occasional work for FY Racing and Dillon Van Way. I’m also a contributor to My Life @ Speed. Outside of motorsports, I shoot weddings, corporate events, and other stuff.

Wong: I don’t even know anymore.

14. “What is Bohan’s favorite color?” -Daniel Baxter, Concord, California

Lapinski: Green.

Delaney: Blue?

Bohan: You don’t know me.

oregon coast 018
15. “What is the meaning of life?” -Brady Wood, Duncannon, Pennsylvania

Bohan: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “The condition that distinguishes animals, plants, and other organisms from inorganic or inanimate matter, characterized by continuous metabolic activity and the capacity for functions such as growth, development, reproduction, adaptation to the environment, and response to stimulation; (also) the activities and phenomena by which this is manifested.”

16. “Who or what inspires you? Are you able to make a living shooting or do you have to work, too?” -Travis Stern, Bellevue, Washington

Bohan: Everything inspires me. Photographers who are better than me inspire me to catch up. Photographers who are catching up to me inspire me to keep pushing. Photographers who aren’t very good inspire me to help them, if they want. Awesome looking race cars inspire me to shoot them in a way that does them justice. Terrible cars inspire me to throw up.

17. “Ribbed or old fashioned?” -Erick Hoffman, Hood River, Oregon

Bohan: Old fashioned, but I’d still prefer a rum & Coke.

18. “Can I have some money?” -Tanner Snow Baer, Elko, Nevada

Pitts: Yes.

19. “How could I get into motorsports photography? Why does facial hair make Geoff an irresistible sexy beast?” -Armin Jared Zellers, Paradise, California

Pitts: Drop out of the movie industry, and sacrifice your entire life to make waaaaaay less money. My facial hair talks to girls for me. It does all the work.

20. “What do you think of the cancer vaccine made by Vaxil?” -Steffan Maus, Napa, California

Bohan: I think it’s awesome if it works as well as they claim. Cancer is a sneaky bastard though. We’ll have to wait and see what the long-term effectiveness is.

21. “Will I get to hang with some Lifeblasters at ASB14? Will Lifeblasters have large and in charge vinyl stickers available anytime soon? How do I become a Lifeblaster? Does it hurt?” – Alec Wiens, Murrieta, California

Bohan: I think we’ll be there. How large and in charge would people want? See question 10 and then send a resume to It hurts very very much.

-The Life Blasters

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