Gatebil on Ice

gatebil on iceOur buddy Egil Håskjold make the trek from his home on the stormy Atlantic coast of Norway to the frigid interior, where temps are low and the spirits are high. What was the occasion? you might ask. You see, in Norway it gets cold enough to freeze lakes big enough to turn into racetracks. Okay, so it gets that cold in few other places too, but Norway also has a strong car culture and lakes close enough to major population centers to make this is a thing. If you’re a motorhead you’d be crazy to not take advantage of conditions like that!

gatebil on iceWithout further ago, here’s Egil: Gatebil on Ice has been on the Gatebil calendar for many years now.  The event is held at Hebbes Racing in Sigdal. Sigdal is not the center of the universe I must say…

gatebil on iceThe drive up to the lake is through idyllic Norwegian winter scenery. And the road is narrow, so meeting the snow plow with a wide trailer on can get scary!

gatebil on iceThere is everything from the top of the line Evos to the standard Mazda 1200.

gatebil on iceFredrik Sørlie’s infamous blue Cressida is a regular on the ice!

gatebil on iceIt is a nice way for the people in the Gatebil scene to get out their cars and just have fun on the ice. The event is bring what you got.

gatebil on iceFor most drivers it’s the first event of the year, but Fredric Aasbø was fresh from his win at FD Asia in Thailand.

gatebil on iceYou don’t often see a Porsche 928 on rally spike tyres, but when you do it is cool!

gatebil on iceThere are two tracks: one for ice spike tyres and one for the cars with normal studded tyres. The Polizei car was there to make sure you have the right tyres on the right track!

gatebil on iceAasbø had some fun in his Toyota 86X, and that he did in a massive way. gatebil on iceThere were many Mitsubishi Evos at the lake.

gatebil on iceBut not only high powered crazy cars are at the event.

gatebil on iceSome cars are relatively stock!

gatebil on iceVolvos are very popular at Gatebil on Ice!

gatebil on iceKenneth Alm was also out in his infamous Audi A4.

gatebil on icetBut the main shock for at the event was when the old chopped Chevy came out on the ice!! What an amazing looking thing!
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