Rocket Bunny’s FD RX-7 American Debut

It’s not every day you find yourself at a world debut of something in the automotive world, it’s even more rare that you just happen upon it without even knowing. That’s what happened when I found out I was among the first people to see the new Rocket Bunny kit for the Third Gen Mazda RX-7.

I was at Road America for the NASCAR Nationwide series on Saturday and between qualifying and the race when I got a message from fellow Life Blaster Peter Lapinski that said he just saw a grey Rocket Bunny FD. I remember seeing Kei Miura’s renderings of the kit on Facebook during the past couple months, and Speedhunters showing some sneak peeks of Mad Mike’s FD. It was time that the MADBUL’s American cousin came out to play.

After that message, I knew that I had to find that car. I’ll admit that I’m a pretty big fan of the Miura San’s work on any car. I have his ducktail on my 240, and someday hope to have the flares too. I didn’t know where the car was, or if it was even still there. But all I knew was, I had to find it.

Peter said he saw it heading towards the paddock, which narrowed the search down dramatically. It was down in the lower paddock we came across the Optima Ultimate Streetcar area. That is where I found the RX-7. Luckily my dad was there and started talking to Scott, the owner. He said that he met Miura at SEMA and started talking about RX-7s. One thing led to another and Scott was bolting on the first Rocket Bunny kit in the States.

The car has been used before in the Ultimate Streetcar competitions, so the build was clean and built for the track.

And what does a good track car need? An LSx swap, of course. Some people might just discount the whole build right now just because it doesn’t have a rotary. While rotaries are awesome, their reliability is often questionable, and the fact that the LS motor is an almost bulletproof motor makes it a perfect fit for a car in this series. You may not agree with the swap, but for what this car is built for the LS is perfect.

But the best part about this car? It’s not a show car. The kit went on, and the car went racing. Scott said he was talking to Miura, and Miura asked what kind of shows he’d be attending. Scott smiled when he told us his answer, “It’s not a show car, it’s going to race.”

And race he did. The the challenges the cars go through are brutal. Start stop with a slalom, a timed race on Road America’s short course, and a race around the Road America kart track. On the way home I was checking out Instagram and saw @onpointmotorsports, the owner of the RX-7, had won five awards. First place overall in the advanced group and runner up in hot laps, speed and stop, autocross and won the Lingenfelter design challenge.

All in all, I’d say it was a great debut of the Rocket Bunny kit in the United States. All weekend the car was getting a ton of attention because of the bulged flares and the clean build. And not only was the car show-worthy, but seeing it pushed to the limits for competition makes it even better. This kit will easily be another success for Kei Miura and will yet again blow up the internet.


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