Lost in New York

new york-2027
Every year when I’m in the Northeast for FD Jersey, I make it a point to spend some time in New York, and I always try to do something different. I stayed with GuestBlaster Matt Campbell out of Long Island, and he dropped me off at the LIRR station one morning on his way to work. I took the hour ride into the city and embarked on a 23-mile walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn. I didn’t know that’s what I was going to do at the time, but such is the nature of adventures.

new york-2030
I emerged into the morning fray above Penn Station and in the shadow of the Empire State Building just a few blocks away and headed toward Broadway. I’d hung out in Midtown and Lower Manhattan before, but I’d always taken the Subway between the two. I wanted to see the Villages so this time I wallked.

new york-2032
The Empire State Building is visible from many places in the city and is useful for orientation.

new york-2035
New York is always under construction. It’s worse than Las Vegas.

new york-2037
I’d never been by the Flatiron Building before. It’s pretty cool.

new york-2041
I continued south, but stopped to look back once in a while. I must not have looked like a tourist, because people kept asking me for directions. I’m happy to say I knew the answers to all their questions too. Not bad for only having been to New York a handful of times.

new york-2046
This guy was so stoked to get two bucks so I gave him two more. He may have been traveling broke and ugly but he was also awesome.

new york-2048
If Union Square has a statue of George Washington, what’s in Washington Square? You can also see the Empire State Building from here.

new york-2049
I took a brief detour onto Reade Street to follow this immaculate Model A.

new york-2052
Finally I made it to Fulton Street and a view of the Freedom Tower, so close to being finished.

new york-2054
At Bowling Green, Broadway splits on either side of the Wall Street Bull. Not many people look away from the Bull, but that’s what I did. Broadway is straight as an arrow for two miles leading up to this point.

new york-2055
Oh there’s the bull. The Life Blasters sticker from 2011 had been removed!

new york-2069
I ride the Staten Island Ferry every year so I can see how the Freedom Tower had been growing, but it’s also a good chance to see the Statue of Liberty.

new york-2093
The Ferry is free and goes back and forth between Manhattan and Staten Island all day long. I don’t know how that’s financially responsible, but I’ll take advantage of it as long as it’s still there.

new york-2103
In 2011, the Tower was barely visible above the surrounding buildings. Now it’s the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Look, you can even see the Emipre State Building from here! It’s three and half miles from the tip of the island!

new york-2114
Heading back into the ferry terminal you get a sense of how dense New York really is.

new york-2118
It’s also a pleasant mix of 100 year old and one year old buildings. Consider that New York is almost 400 years old.

new york-2121
And brick roads still exist.

new york-2122
Up in Chinatown there’s no shortage of statues. Becuse of opium Lin Ze Xu is considered the father of the war on drugs.

new york-2127
Confucius needs no explanation.

new york-2129
Further up 1st Avenue i found an abandoned building covered in graffiti. That’s pretty bold but that’s what makes New York awesome.

new york-2137
I ate lunch at a bar and walked back down 1st and found a guy skating on a K wall. His buddy was filming.

new york-2143
I crossed the Williamsburg Bridge, then walked through Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Bridge and crossed it back to Manhattan. Matt texted me to say he and his friend were going to get pizza after work and I was welcome to join them. That meant I’d have to get all the way back to Penn Station and ride the train way back out to where he lived on Long Island.

new york-2147
Penn Station is just a few blocks from the Empire State Building, remember? I could get there, no sweat.


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