Looking Back

Once upon a Time, there was the Year 2014. When a new Year starts, you don’t know what will happen to you, or what it’ll bring to you. In my case the year ended not quite nicely. But I moved on.

I remembered to myself: “Stop saying I wish, I would – Do it. Do what ever it takes to make your dreams come true.” So I did. 2015 stands under a few stars. They’re called Happiness, Friends, Travel, and Experience.

March. Kuusammo (Finland) with Juha Kankkunen. Having fun with drifting on a frozen lake. Beside this we’re testing the new Falken winter tires.


Nurburgring, 24 h Race. In 2014 i had to watch it on TV. 2015 Nissan wanted me to support the firm with pictures from the event and the Nismo WEC LMP1 presentation.

Nurburgring – Wall of Legends


Nürburgring 24h Race: in the pits dominate antigravity.

High risk Situations. Refilling the petrol tank is not always the easiest part of the race. Here everything worked out.

Noise porn of a 10 cylinder.

It seems there’s work for my buddy Stefan (the mechanic). This Rowe SLS returns to the base. His brakes need to get fixed completely, but thankfully my mate knows how the race world works.

Now and then. The Rock shows the rookies how the cookie crumbles.

Sometimes the reality turns into a game

The only Nismo, which finished the race on his own.

Germany goes to Spain for the French job. Flying on a private jet was not the worst thing that happened to me.


If you want a buddy who guides you in all areas, you should choose this car. On the usual streets or the dirty desert, either way it supports you everywhere.

Special stories take special hotels. The Bubble Hotel in the Spanish Desert made me feel like the Man on the Moon.

Crinkle Mood on the Geiger counter right in front of Chernobyl. One of my highlights of the year. The story is to be continued soon…


High Society against low Budget. Kiev eastern bloc drift


A special honour was to be the first German on this coming out. Even if it’s not my favorite car, this car conquers the European automobile market.

The Great Gatebil
_MG_4601_amarok_PS Bearbeitet
Gatebil Rudskogen 2015. The European answer to the drifting scene. We drove over 1000 kilometers with this VW Amarok.

Drifting with a FWD? This Scirocco is more than that!

Drift and time attack.


Speerhunters.com and Marcel Uhlig #33 were on board too



Powerdrift competition , ☺ feel the speed.


Feel the magic of motorsport. Addicted motorsport photographers from Europe and one Bohan from the United States at work.

The Driftcup of Nürburgring, a highlight in the German drift scene

Drifting on the Nürburgring is extremely fast, even more if they drive the track in the opposite direction.

Please welcome the legendary Bil. We were glad to see him again. He brought a special international atmosphere to this place.

Downhill powerdrifting at nearly 200km/h straight to the Dunlop Kehre.

WEC at Nürburgring.
Influence of speed is the expression of feelings




Winner of 6h Nürburgring 2015: Porsche #17

The Nürburgring is definitely one of my favourite places in Germany. It’s always worth it to visit that place. If you want to watch the race or if you battle yourself, everything is possible.

My first trip to the United States, next stop California
The beautiful glaciers in Canada. Everything looks different, if you have a look from above.

I asked Andrew, “What are you doing?” so he said, “I’m taking pictures.”

Irwindale. Full of tension, full of energy and fun, so much drifting. It was my first Formula Drift experience.

Especially the first finals. Incredible.

What a emotional moment. Congrats to Fredric Aasbø from Bil at Formula D Irwindale.

What a peaceful Sunset in the golden State. Everything feels different in the US – sometimes you lose yourself in the moment because it seems that time is standing still.

Hayward, California. Lift Blasters Home, preparing the rental car for my trip… awesome work Andrew. 🙂

Starting point of my road trip through California… 2300 miles to go.

Camouflaged advertising.

Everybody knows Las Vegas right? Clicking coins, good spirits, sunshine, the dry desert…but wait…sometimes there’s rain too.

San Francisco. The only thing that i have to say is: “I love this Place!” Hopefully I will come back soon.

The Beauty and the Bearded on the Ferry to Alcatraz.

Look at this amazing view of San Francisco, it was definitely worth it to go there.

Christmas trip to NYC
This is the second time for Rubber Duckie to hit the United States. Rubber Duckie proudly presents the Big Apple.

This moment, when Life Blasters photographers make a trip to the furthest east point of Long Island – Montauk Point. Special thanks to Matt Campbell, who showed me the other side of New York.

Streets of New York. There’s no Christmas feeling when it’s 59 degrees – but it’s comfortable though.

Central Park, the girl is walking away…

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