Gatebil on Ice

Take a moment and think about your friends. If you see them in front of your mind eyes you will see different types of Persons. A bunch of People around us, making plans for their annually vacation. You know, there’s a lot of Questions. Where should it go? When is the best time for it? How should I go? – With a Plane, with the Car… Than there’s a second type of People which rebuild their Cars or Motorcycles to go to Races or just for themselves. And beside that two sections, there are the Photographers. They want to show you how much fun it is, to go and to be on Events like this. I love to be part of the 3rd section and I hope I can give you a imagination what it feels to be on a special event like this. Welcome to Gatebil on Ice.

Everybody from the Drift Scene knows the popular summerevent in Rudskogen. There, where everybody goes crazy for drifting and having fun with cars. There, where you can smell the carweels and where you get coverd in smoke. This time i love to tell you, that  the Big Brother got a little Sister. Even if it’s a little smaller, i assure you, you’ll love it like the big Event. The Show happens on a frozen Lake. It’s 150 km away from Oslo. You just need to go northwest.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if I can make it to the Summerevent this year. But I jumped on the chance to Gatebil on Ice at Sigdal (Norway). And so it happened on the last few days of January. I’m living in Stuttgart, it’s in the South of Germany. Sigdal is round about 1600km away from here. In Fact, it wasn’t a short hop, but it was definitely worth it!

I took the Ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg. That turn took 7.5h. At least i was glad, that i chose this one, because i used the time to rest and get refreshed.

_MG_5879Low sun, snow everywhere, Ball‘s cold temperatures. That’s the winter in Norway. Definitely a 360 degree winterwonderland-view.

On time at the arrival, you got into the drifting mood. I parked my car and ran into the Gatebil Area. You could see, that the drivers wait impatiently. They hopped from one foot to another to start the engines, down there at the lavvo.


Nearly everybody love to see them. The european Darlings of coming transversal. Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86.

Rallysport with Spikes. On the first side it’s a do not for the usual Streets, but if you go for Rallysport on Ice it’s a must have. You just have grip and can go forward with this tiny pimples, even on slippery frozen lakes.


Ralleyhistory in Sigdal. A IMSO GTO rebuilded with a usual Audi Quattro. It looks like a racing dinosaur from the US motorsport history. The badge makes it identically equal to the old model. The 5 cylinder engine makes it possible to come across and rush through the curves. For me, to see him was like a dream comes true and I hope I’ll see him again, if i’m possible to go to Rudskogen in the summertime.





Here it doesn’t matter which car do you want to start with. There’s a section for everyone from the usual streetcar until the highend Ralleycar. Everybody can find his niche to become satisfied.

Even the Fun didn’t end if you didn’t have a car or if you didn’t want to drive the tour on your own. Everybody had the chance to be the co-driver inside a 5 Series BMW. Same thing like on the other Gatebil Festivals. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Fixing the route didn’t mean boring work at all. Even the service People are having fun during extracting the snow oft he curves. We also, for pictures inside flying snow parts.

The yellow service angel from Gatebil





High Engines combined with AWD, 200hp till over 1000hp, nearly everybody was here.








Everybody know’s the Speech ‚Oldie but Goldie‘ – so it’s the same here. Even the older Cars look like heros on the iced way. Especially this cars are excellent partners to make pirouettes on those areas




A beast on the racetrack, which leaves devastation and chaos on the ice, his sound is unmistakable, it’s hissing, the yelling of the engine. If the Supra would be an animal, it would be one of the most dangerous hunter on the earth. but it’ s  a vehicle which one conjures a smile up for everybody into the face with joy.



It’s a honour to own a RS4. There are just 6030 produced vehicles with a V6 2.7 litres Bitturbo. It have 380 hp with the original engine. But this one at the picture is far far away. This one hits 1039hps / 1177nm just because of the highend single Turbo and other stuff inside the engine.


The Monster Energy star Liam Doran didn’t give a shit to anything. His Bumper wasn’t the first or the last thing on his DS3, that he lost in this Race. This Picture happened in the second round.


Doran the “Brittish hurricane..”  high speed drift on the rocks

Concentration, preparation, start will be soon



Losing parts “par excellence.” The Bumper on the backside wasn’t the only thing which getting lost on this day. But the first Rule was “faving fun” – just watching or even if got the chance to drive on the route with a professional.
















There’s nothing better as a campfire with your friends to keep yourself warm and comfortable right inside the winter wonderland




To compare Subaru with Mitsubishi means for a few people to compare the incomparable. The Boxer Turbo is lengthways opposing the 4 Cylinder Turbo in cross. It always depends on the Driver and the wheels how the car drives.

Frederic Aasbo with his buddy Martin Amundrød on the frozen route. Drifting right next to each other…

But in the end, this hit wasn’t gingerly

Trying to get the back side fixed with a iron bar

But the Formula D world champion kept calm, it was the end of the day anyways.

Goodbye Fennoscandian, I will coming back, soon.

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  1. Hello.
    Nice pictures from Gatebil on Ice!

    Its me driving the Blue Subaru impreza wrx 06 you have picture on here.

    Do you have any more of me and my car? 🙂

    Take care! Christoffer

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