VLN the N24h Forecast

The VLN racing championship is one of the most notorious series in German motorsport. Among others, the legendary 24h Nürburgring race is one of ten events held by the Verein Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring. That’s why all eyes lay one the first event of the season, which will give you a pretty solid prediction of who will be on top at the 24 hour race.

A total of 35 different car classes makes a diverse starting grid, meaning there were 180 cars on track simultaneously. Given that this series ensures you to get thrills and goosebumps within seconds. 30 GT3 Cars are made for intense battles at the Nordschleife. Due to the harsh weather conditions it’s always tough for the respective teams to adapt to sudden changes. For instance snow covered the entire track, while on the other hand saw the Green Hell covered in thick fog. Both settings made the beautiful backdrop a surreal painting of feelings. The most spectacular crash and a big warning to all drivers out there that the Nordschleife is held responsible for severe damage to drivers and cars along its impressive history has .

But the most asked question is… “who will be the best?”  We will see that after this weekend, after the 24h race. If you are interested in watching the race on TV. Search on stream RTL NITRO, there is a broadcast 26 Hours continuously, 28-29 May.




He is one of my personal Heros, Tom Coronel. He is driving in the FIA WTCC and overcame the challenge in South America at the Dakar Rally. he will start at the N24h with the Zakspeed Nismo.





Dale Lomas and Lucian Gavris start in their Ford Fiesta ST. Currently they have difficulties with the engine, I hope this can start the BtG team and also survive the 24h.











CL3G0125The favorit with currently 2 wins, Phoenix Racing AUDI R8LMS















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