24h Nürburgring

A concise decision was this year at the 24h race in the great Eifel. but at first. how does it possible, that a racecar with 500HP and AWD can not drive on a bit steep part of the racetrack? exactly, the weather was so horrifying at the beginning of the race, that the organization confirmed to interrupt the race for 3 hours. hail, raindrops bigger than i ever saw. I was at the Carrousel, had a tent from the marshals for saving my equipment, but i was wet everywhere. It doesn’t matter, the fun was going on. the restart was going and 7pm and we can photographing as well  and enjoy the race.






ML163751here we see, only small hail, but on other parts to the area were the hailballs more bigger than here u can see




Wet racing conditions hardly affected the speed




ML163197-2now it is going back to the track again


_MG_6543-2it is not only a Ferrari, it is more than that. the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, an American team provides us with the beautiful SCG003.

_MG_6574-2before some years I never saw the tire guys who check the temperature, Now it is part which I like every time gladly


after the sunset, the dark racehorse begin, first, drivers change and new Fuel for the ROWE M6



ML162998Thursday evening, it was not a fun for all, it was raining catalogs, but the driver’s life that.this is the special Nürburgring feeling.


_MG_6786tail rail lights

_MG_6804a short nap, and we went to the track again….


one of my loveliest sunsets in my life…






_MG_6913after so many hours you’re sometimes tired

ML164220-1sparkles are springing










ML164671The jumping place, this year i was gone the first time to their , incredible feeling.

ML164604-2the Lexus do the jump as well

_MG_7038 _MG_7182

Mercedes did it..

_MG_7246 they enjoy it so much, the winners.


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