Gittin and Forsberg continued defending the establishment in New Jersey, meeting each other in the final battle. Gittin came out on top, tying Sam Hübinette for the series record of 10 event wins. Amazingly, Hübinette won his tenth event before Gittin had even won his first.

Alex Heilbrunn really stepped it up this round, before losing to Gittin in the Top 4. He’s leading the Rookie of the Year chase, now 17 points ahead of Faruk Kugay and 49 points ahead of Cameron Moore.

Forrest Wang retired from the series after this round, but he returned a week later, along with some changes to the judging procedures and how information is relayed to the fans.
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fdnj1-4335 IMG_8337 IMG_8302 IMG_8253 IMG_8247
IMG_9623IMG_8189 IMG_8160 IMG_8145 IMG_8394 IMG_8412 IMG_8438 IMG_8456 IMG_8476    IMG_8897 IMG_8888    IMG_8746 IMG_8996  IMG_9055 IMG_9080 IMG_9121 IMG_9195 IMG_9207 IMG_9494 IMG_9472 IMG_9457 IMG_9421   IMG_9330 IMG_9535 IMG_9547   IMG_9651 IMG_9718 IMG_9758   IMG_9935   IMG_9824 IMG_9817

Photos by Campbell and Bohan

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