Wheels of Motorsport

Over the past few years I’ve really gotten into wheels. Their design, their purpose, and of course the cars they’re on. While I was walking around RM’s open house looking at all the different disciplines represented, I thought why not make a post with of all the wheels.

Mirage M6

Capri RS2600 RS

Lola T70 MK III

Williams FW19

Dallara GP2

Reynard 95i

Arrow A3

Shadow DN6

1964 Gerhardt Indy Car

Dolphin Open Wheel

Nissan GTP ZX

Courage LC70

Riley MKX 1

Alba AR3

Go Kart. RM Motorsport has a huge go karting background, the owner’s connections dates all the way back to the ’60s.

Porche 962

Lola T222

Lola T70 Coupe

Lola T163

IMSA Corvette


Jaguar E-Type

Shadow DN4

And If you’re wondering how the DN4 has such deep rear wheels, now you know.


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