Goodwood Festival of Speed: Part II

While Thursday and Friday at the Goodwood Festival of Speed are amazing, Saturday and Sunday is when things really kick off.

The on track action is the same as Friday really, with all the different batches making their two runs up the hill thorough the day. It’s cool because you never know what you’ll see when you look at the track.

I tried hard to find new places to shoot, and I came across this place in between two of the fancy pavilions.

Even though you can only see the rear of the cars, it was cool to see them do some dirt drops. I really like this Vantage GTE.

Of course we had to stay for the drifting.

Even though we pretty much just saw smoke.

The top paddock is the place to be, although in front of the Goodwood House is probably the second best place.

Kenny Bräck was back again to do some driving. This is a real Shelby Daytona, and Kenny was sliding it around like it was just some normal car.

We kept following the trail around the outside of the course and came across the supercar paddock, while they were getting ready to head out. Which gave us a nice close up of the cars.

Singer brought two of the cars they collaborated with Williams on, there was one to show and one to run. And here it is with a Lamborghini Centenario Roadster.

And then one of my favorite cars, the Senna. Not just any Senna, but the prototype Senna at that.

Surprise surprise, we made it back to the top paddock. It gave us a nice close up of the Roborace car.

Following Roborace the motorcycles came up. This Honda RC175 came right from the Honda headquarters to make some runs. If I remember right, this bike had to keep above 15,000rpms.

The American Flat Track Racers loved putting on a little smoke show every time they came up.

The motorcycles came up in front of the F1 cars, which are always a treat to see.

This is the Benetton Michael Schumacher drove to his first ever victory.

Jackie Stewart came up with both of his sons in three of his cars.

Right next to the top paddock is the start line for the rally course. Seeing a Metro 6R4 launch is pretty awesome.

Also being celebrated this year were two of the most famous Subaru drivers to ever grace the rally stages, Colin McRae and Richard Burns. We lost Colin in a helicopter crash in 2007 and Richard to a brain tumor in 2005.

Both drivers were former champions, Colin in 1995 and Richard in 2001, both while driving for Subaru. They also had special edition Imprezas made in their honor after winning their championships, but of course the US didn’t get them.

Rally and Porsches seem to be a perfect combo.

Even though Colin is gone, his brother Alister is still racing.

In 2016 I didn’t get a good look at the rally stage. But this year I made it goal to walk the course. At the top paddock the car went down a long straight away into a sharp left hander.

The best part of the rally stage is the trees.

I didn’t actually full walk the rally stage since it criss crosses itself a couple times. It’s pretty confusing to figure out really.

Rally and Porsches are a good combo.  Add a light pod and one wheel off the ground, and it’s a party.

What I really wanted to see though was the jump.

It was really cool seeing all the different cars taking the jump. Skoda on one run, then an Escort the next.

This is on the other side of the trail where I took the photo of the Porsche, roughly. You could enjoy two cars on the stage at once.

There was also a nice straightaway where the cars came right at you.

After we finished walking the rally section, we were able to catch the Porsche batch again on their way back down the hill.

And then catch a little bit of the trucks do some runs on their course.

It was pretty hot all weekend, so Saturday afternoon we took a little break in the exhibitors area. While we were sitting their, Lord March himself walked by. His actual name is, Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond, 11th Duke of Lennox, 11th Duke of Aubigny, 6th Duke of Gordon. But either way, he’s the reason we have this awesome event and the Goodwood Revival.

Everyday I ate at the same place, Dead Good Burrito. The name wasn’t an exaggeration, they were incredible. After you ate, you could grab a seat on the cricket pitch and watch the live stream on the massive TV.

Or walk over a little bit to the bottom of the hill to check out what is getting ready to run next.

About a week before the Festival, Volkswagen announced that they would be bringing the ID.R to try and break the overall hill climb record. Pretty awesome to see it and Dumas here after setting the record at Pikes Peak just a few weeks earlier.

The one car that was the biggest challenger to the ID.R was this, the Nio EP9. This is an electric car with individual motors and transmissions on each wheel. And it has 1360 horsepower which helped it set records at the Nürburgring and at the Circuit of the Americas.

Sebastien Ogier made his Festival debut this year too.

He fit in very well.

We managed to make our way right up to the hay bales to get a closer look at the action on the hill in front of Goodwood House.

We got there as the cars were getting ready to head up. The spots on both sides in front of the House are some of the most popular spots. Because of donuts.

I don’t even know what batch this was because it was so random. This is literally the order they came by in.

The Jaguar D-Type is the most gorgeous car ever made.

Leave it to a NASCAR to put on a show. This one though is a Red Bull car from their collection in Austria. Good to see NASCAR being represented everywhere.

With color changing tires too.

And then the Red Arrows showed up.

Air show pause.

Because of accidents in the past, the planes aren’t allowed to fly over like they do here in the states, so most of the action takes place way up in the sky or just outside the main event area. You could always tell where the planes were. And we were lucky because the skies were clear both days, so we got a full show.

While the planes were flying the cars were still going. You can see on the TV that they were more interested in the Red Arrows than an Ex-Toivonen Lancia 037.

I really don’t pay attention to these older cars as much as I should.

Mondeos on the other hand.

I’ve always loved the crazy cars that Jim Hall thought up with Chaparral. The massive wings, and he introduced automatic transmissions way back in the ’60s. He thought the driver should worry more about their driving line than about their gears.

Then there’s Gittin.

Every time I saw this car I thought about the story of Mark Blundell qualifying for Le Mans in 1990 when his wastegate stuck shut and gave his car well over 1000 horsepower. He was six seconds faster than the car behind him and hit 227mph in the speed trap, the fastest speed in the race was 219.

The always lovely Matra.

Although the real crowds form when the sound of V8s and tire smoke fills the air. Chris was always first.

This is the real reason I get my spot in front of the house.

I’ve seen these guys at the top paddock, but never here. Of course here’s 2018 FD Champion James Deane.

Dean was next throwing his massive Viper around on the narrow road.

But that’s the beauty of Goodwood. Just go all out. There’s nothing else to worry about.

Baggsy had his GTR out for a smoke show.

And a long show at that.

Then everyones favorite, Gittin, was always as himself, and out for a big show.

I loved the Boss Kit on Mad Mike’s FD. And that was the end of Saturday.

The Goodwood car park is massive and unfortunately I never managed to get a good walk through. This Audi had a cool color.

We wondered around and ended up at the supercar paddock, but this time they were coming in instead of leaving.

So we had a nice close up of all the cars, like this FXXK.

I didn’t really like the Centenario that much in photos, but does it look amazing in person.

A Senna and the P1 GTR Longtail. Not a bad combo.

Of course the cars had to do a little burnout or launch down the access road past the spectators.

Koeningsegg had their Regera on hand.

But I was just there for the Senna. This part makes this Senna even cooler in my eyes.

The other car I really wanted to see up close was the Apollo IE. Even while seeing the car in person you can’t see every detail. So many folds and air scoops. Normally I don’t fall for cars like this, but this one hit me in an odd way.

Even the purple carbon didn’t bother me.

The Nio does look like a mean car though. Even meaner when you remember it makes no noise.

Then there was the air show again. But I used it as a chance to move around more freely. Since everyone would be glued to the skies for the next 20 minutes.

I had to check out the Singer Williams collaboration again. I’ve always loved white headers and exhausts.

The Cartier Style et Luxe lawn was fairly open too so I made another pass through its cars. It’s funny because there’s all these amazing concourse ready cars, but they almost pale in comparison to the rest of the event.

It was cool to see the massive finned cars from right here in the good old US of A. They look at our massive Cadillacs there the same way we look at the Jaguar XKEs over here.

And old Porsches get the same looks no matter where they are.

Then there’s the McLaren F1. I’ve only see three, maybe four F1s in my life, and two were here this year. And I’m going through a massive McLaren phase right now too.

And like McLaren, I’m also really into Porsche, I mean, I kind of made a family trip to England because of Porsche being celebrated here this year.

A Martini 935 and the 917/30? They’re not the rarest Porsches out there, and these get their fair share of air miles, but they look amazing together.

One of the best parts of the Goodwood schedule is that it’s so close to Le Mans. I love seeing the cars covered in French dirt and bugs.

I really wish the 919 Evo went for the hill record. My personal opinion is that they were, but then when Volkswagen announced the ID.R would be going, they backed out. Seems like a Porsche thing. But that’s just me.

Light pods will never be not cool.

I have no words for this really, I just want to sprinkle in random Matra photos.

Over in the super car parking lot was this Lancia Stratos, or probably a replica, the Lister Bell STR.

Here’s another car I’ve always wanted to see, the Cheetah. It’s basically the Chevy powered rival to the Shelby/Ford Cobra. Unfortunately Chevy pulled their funding for the car after they decided to pull out of motorsport, so the Cheetah never really got it’s full racing due. But it is an insane car, the engine, transmission and differential are all bolted together. The ’60s were truly an awesome time.

I ran into Mad Mike at the top of the hill.

Having a little conversation with Elfyn Evans.

Imagine a crossover between these two.

I seemed to have been on the same schedule as the motorcycles and F1 cars. Every time I got to the top paddock they showed up.

Then there’s Troy Corser. For those who don’t know, like me, Troy is a two time Superbike World Champion. He’s from Australia and is a proper example of a hood also.

But because he’s Australian, he’s incredibly nice and likes to meet with the fans. He climbs up on the hay bales and signs everything, including my ticket.

Since it was the last day of the Festival and their last run up the hill, a lot of riders were burning rubber.

Including the Flat Track racers.

Let me introduce you to Brad Baker. A rider for Indian that decided that a standing burnout wasn’t enough.

He started off with a rolling burnout down the main entry way.

Came around the car staging area, all while still letting the rear tire spin.

Then he turned a little too hard and dumped it. But he got the crowd all wound up, and a good applause from the other riders. Leave it to the Americans!

I have no idea who this is, but I like his style.

I’ve always had a soft spot for mid ’70s Ferraris.

I always love watching the other riders and drivers enjoying the event too. The different disciplines that are mixed together is just amazing.

Right next to us was a family who had a photo of their son as a youngster getting an autograph from Jenson Button. So they printed that photo as a large canvas print for an autograph. Well, unfortunately Jenson didn’t get out of his car. Luckily for them one of the motorcycle riders nearby saw the photo and family and took it over to Jenson.

Jenson signed it for the family and the rider brought it back. Good people are awesome. Then everyone wanted his autograph.

I was hoping for more donuts, like the last time I was there in 2016. But that year it rained everyday at some point. So obviously it’s easier to spin on wet pavement than dry. But there was still this guy and his Renault from 2012 that was literally just wrapped in the Incredibles 2 livery just for the ad. It was the old school 18,000RPM V8, so it sounded amazing.

The motorcycle group enjoyed the show.

Then Valtteri Bottas came up in last year’s Mercedes F1 car.

The next batch was a good batch, with Mads Østberg leading the way in his Citroen C3 WRC.

He didn’t need any water or dirt.

I watched his Nissan every time it went up, Group C cars are gorgeous.

Bottas came up in the latest F1 car, then went back down and hopped in this W196. Not a bad day.

The new Bentley GT3 car looks pretty fine too.

Maybe not happy to be behind the Bentley, this BMW M8 decided to show off a little.

And I just love the look and color of this Aston.

Then the Lotus/STP/Granatelli Turbine car from 1968 came hissing by. It’s amazing to hear this car run, and realize it was a real race car that actually lead the Indy 500. I miss the days of trying new things, crazy engines and aero, or lack there of.

Then the drift cars came up, Gittin of course putting on an amazing show.

And winding up the crowd.

Dean’s V10 was laying down some good rubber and smoke.

This is Mad Mike, going back down the one way up route.

I guess he wasn’t happy with his first entrance so he wanted to try it again.

Then into some fiery donuts.

Rotary engines sound amazing, and do amazing things.

Mike is a very good friend of Goodwood and everyone loves him. Probably because he always goes all out.

I thought my flight was long.

I started my mad dash down the hill for the final timed shootout. And also was able to witness the fastest two-wheel climb of the hill.

The timed shootout is open to anyone in the Festival, just the earlier cars probably won’t win.

Since the BTCC was being celebrated, they had a shootout of the fastest current BTCC drivers in their current cars.

This McLaren had a moment.

No damage.

Mike Skinner has been a regular at the Festival for a few years now, and every year his Tundra comes back quicker and quicker. He managed 7th this year, but when you look at the cars that finished above him, that’s pretty good for a big old NASCAR Truck.

I’m sure a lot of people will recognize Jörg Weidinger’s BMW E36 with a Judd V8. This is probably one of the most famous hill climb cars in Europe and the internet. He finished 3rd.

Rod Millen isn’t done racing up hills. He was 9th.

Other than the electric cars, this Penske PC22 was in the running for one of the top cars. It claimed 5th.

Then the Nio made it’s run. The all time record was set by Nick Heidfeld in 1999 with a time of 41.6 seconds. The Nio came in second with a time of 44.3.

And unsurprisingly the ID.R won the whole event. But, to the surprise of a lot of people, the ID.R didn’t smash the record, actually it wasn’t even close. Romain Dumas managed a 43.8 second run. Who would’ve thought that the Goodwood recored would be harder to beat then Pikes Peak? But to be fair, the Goodwood recored was set by an F1 car.

With the timed shootout done, the Festival was pretty much over in terms of on track action, sadly.

The Beast of Turin seemed to have had a good time.

Again, the juxtaposition.

It wasn’t just awesome to see Rod, but to see him in his Celica was rad.

Check out Skinner’s aero.

The Cheetah was in the shootout, but sadly had a misfire or something that severely slowed it down.

Once a NASCAR driver, always a NASCAR driver.

I don’t know what was going on, but that explains Goodwood.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this car on YouTube, but to see it in person was something special.

We walked over to the house to see the celebration and got there just as Dumas was getting ready.

I never really thought about the door on the ID.R, but I guess this is it.

Right after he got out, Dumas went right over to this 6R4 and started looking it over.

Cowboy hat, gunslinger race suit and champagne. Mike Skinner is awesome.

ID.R: Pikes Peak winner and record holder, as well as an armrest and table.

Dougie Lampkin is another friend of Goodwood and an incredible trials bike rider. He even road over the top of the Goodwood House once. I don’t know where he was going or what he was doing, but it was cool to see him cruise by.

And with that, the Festival was over. Another year, another amazing, incredible, and overwhelming weekend done. I envy the people who can make it here every year and see what shows up and what crazy things happen. Every year Lord March and crew somehow outdo themselves and I cannot wait to see what they do next year. I’d love to make it back for the Goodwood Festival 2019, but so far it’s not in the cards. The Goodwood Revival 2019 on the other hand, already planning. Congratulations to 25 years of the best motorsport and automotive event in the world, and here’s to another 25.


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