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In the summer of 2010, as Andrew Bohan and Geoff Pitts took the scenic route through Yosemite National Park on their from Northern California to Las Vegas for Formula Drift, they got to thinking. Both of them were photojournalists for different motorsports media outlets, but they had no place to share the many enjoyable shooting escapades on the way to and from and between the events they were covering. They decided it would be great fun to create a site dedicated to featuring whatever they damn well pleased. Thus, on August 19, 2010, in Yosemite National Park, Life Blasters was born.
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You can still expect top-notch photography and riveting story content, but the long and short of is this: this site has no specific genre, category, aim, or boundaries. Sure, a lot of the content is motorsports related, but the site’s only goal is to give you a glimpse into what we’re into and what our friends are into. If you like it, great, thanks! Leave a comment and check back often. If you don’t dig it or if it’s not your thing, we really couldn’t care less!